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by September 27, 2019 Legal

The public council for information and public development discussed the draft law “On the Year of Volunteer”,

Chairwoman of the Civil Society Affairs Committee Aliya Galimova told about the draft law “On the Year of Volunteer”.

“2020 was approved by the Decree of the President of Kazakhstan as the Year of Volunteer. Hopefully, we will be able to reach new heights by developing our country’s volunteer service. The Ministry of Information and Public Development has developed an Action Plan for Volunteer Year. The draft plan was submitted twice to the discussion of the Commission for Social Development. According to the recommendations of the members of the Commission and volunteer organizations, a meeting was held with representatives of the Information Committee on Volunteer Information Support, “he said.

According to A.Galymova, implementation of 7 directions is under consideration.

“There is a favorable environment for volunteering. Within the framework of this direction it is planned to develop the law “On Volunteer Service”. It is planned to develop norms on volunteering in college and university. We also consider involvement of volunteer work into the work experience. A methodology for volunteering is developed. It is then planned to introduce statistical records, “he said.

He also said that a single volunteer platform “” will be created.

“Seven nationwide projects that implement sustainable development will be implemented. They are: “Birgemiz: Science”, “Birgemiz Saylyq”, “Birgemiz: Sabaktastyq”, “Birhgemiz: Taza Kazakistan”, “Birgemiz: Asyl mura”, “Birgemiz: Gamkor”, “Birgemiz: Umit”, he said.

In turn, Dauren Abayev, the Minister of Information and Public Development, developed these projects in the field of volunteering.

“Volunteering is the soul’s desire. We look forward to some of the industry trends, for example, in Birgemiz: Saylyk, that doctors will be able to treat people in the villages and teach them how to teach English to pupils in rural areas, “Birgemiz: Bilim”, – said D.Abayev.

According to the Minister, it is planned to involve 1500 people in each direction.

At the meeting of the Public Council the draft law was approved. He will now go to Parliament.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050