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Housing prices under “Nurly zher” program to be focused on socially vulnerable strata of population

by October 26, 2016 Health

Speaking about the current housing prices in Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Committee for Construction and Housing and Communal Services of MNE of Kazakhstan Markhabat Zhaiymbetov noticed that apartments built by state programs differ with adequate prices, focused more on the socially vulnerable strata of the population.

“The prices for apartments under “Baiterek” construction are adequate: on credit housing in the regions – 140 thousand tenge per square meter, in Almaty and Astana – 180 thousand tenge per square meter, commercial housing – from 240 thousand and above. We believe that the price of state-building will continue to be within these limits. We expect the same price within “Nurly zher” program. Almost 80-90% of materials produced in Kazakhstan, so the spike in prices should not be. There is different system in the elite housing,” M. Zhaiymbetov said during a press conference at CCS.

It is worth noting that the World Bank’s Doing Business rating was published today, where by the number of building permits Kazakhstan took 22th place, up in less than a year for 70 places (92 th place on the results of 2015).

In general, Kazakhstan has risen in Doing Business ranking by 6 positions. Last year our country ranked 41th place, but now has risen to 35th place.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan