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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

Health Ambassador of Kazakhstan Yuri Melnichenko shared tips on Epiphany bathing

by January 18, 2019 General

On holiday, the Ambassador of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Yuri Melnichenko, recommends not to forget about the safety measures on the water.

I congratulate all the Orthodox on the feast of the Baptism of the Lord and wish you health, kindness and joy! An integral part of this holiday is dipping into the ice-hole. Many people believe that if you swim in a pond where the water on this day becomes healing, you can get rid of many ailments, cleanse yourself of negative and evil, fill your soul with purity and light.

Orthodox believers are sure that bathing in ice water on this day cannot harm anyone, yet our doctors disagree with this.

If the human body, for which hardening is the norm, will transfer this procedure without any problems, then winter bathing for an unprepared person may cause exacerbation of chronic diseases, cold or heart problems. Do not forget about contraindications!

Doctors remind that some people are strictly prohibited to plunge into the ice hole. Listen to them! You may not know about some diseases. To protect yourself, be sure to consult with a specialist who, having done all the necessary tests, will be able to say for sure whether you can swim in ice water at Baptism.

Choose a pre-organized place for swimming! Do not buy alone. For lovers of diving into cold water, local executive bodies of the capital and other regions are equipped with an ice-hole, where rescue workers, doctors and policemen are on duty to ensure safety. You will be under the supervision of lifeguards.

Prepare all the necessary clothes in advance. Doctors recommend that after dipping into the hole, first get a little warm with a jog and terry robe, and then change into dry clothes. Do not forget to prepare in advance and put in a bag: a swimsuit, a rubber cap, a large towel, a set of dry changeable linen, thick woolen socks, etc.

Warm up before bathing! To prepare the body for immersion in the hole, do a little workout. Take off your clothes, wave your arms and legs actively, make 2-3 squats and tilt. After your workout, your body should be hot enough, but not sweaty. To ensure a good flow of energy, take a snack in 2 – 3 hours before bathing.

Dipping with your head is not necessary. If a hardened person plunges into a hole with his head, he, of course, will get pleasure, unprepared – not only will not feel very well, but may become seriously ill.

After swimming, be sure to keep warm! Immediately put on a bathrobe; run a little; thoroughly rub the body with a towel; wear dry clothes quickly; drink hot tea or any other soft drink brought in advance in a thermos.

Do not drink alcoholic beverages! It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol before swimming in the hole! Baptism is a bright and pure holiday, therefore it is not worth overshadowing it with alcoholic beverages.

Listen to your body! Trust yourself and your intuition! Think again, should you do this? If you are busy preparing your body for bathing in the hole in the hole in advance, then at the next Epiphany you can do it without much difficulty. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan