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Head of State opened monument in honor of 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan

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by December 16, 2016 Market

“Dear Astana residents, fellow countrymen. I want to say that today in 25 years of independence, I congratulate all of you on our holiday. The modern city should have several centers. We started with the old town, the old square. We crossed to the left bank, established the monument “Baiterek” – the symbol of our city. Then the monument “Kazakh Eli”, “Mangilik El”. Now, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Independence we have established here a monument to the 25th anniversary of Independence”, the Head of State has said.
The President has noted that the location of the monument on the territory of EXPO 2017 is symbolic, millions of tourists will admire the unique structure, which embodies the 25-year anniversary of our young state.
According to the President, the building clearly symbolizes the aspiration of Kazakhstan to become one of the most competitive countries of the world.
“The monument, whose spire point upwards, so as our desire of Kazakhstan to be in the top 30 best countries in the world and symbolizes our commitment up. I think it will be remembered in the memory of generations”, the Head of State said.
The President has also stressed that in the future Astana will conquer the world and become one of the most famous cities in the world.
“Our capital is developed. As you can see, it is impossible to stop it already. Once it was said that we were spending money here, now the capital allocate the huge amounts of money to country’s budget. Astana earns trillions of money and develops itself, helps the country and the state budget. In the future, Astana will delight not only us, it will be the star of Eurasia as a whole. The center of gravity of science and culture. Here, people will live in a very peaceful, comfortable city. Our country, our multi-ethnic people will feel like home, this is our home. I congratulate you on the opening of the monument and on our holiday”, the President concluded.
In addition, according to construction company manager Alexander Belovich, the building construction took 3.5 months. The monument is built of Carrara marble.
“Our builders worked hard. This is the unique design. The monument was built from the finest marble that is in the world. Carrara marble has been known since ancient times”, he has informed.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050


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