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Friday, September 17th, 2021

Head of State held a meeting of the Working Group on the redistribution of powers between branches of government

by March 1, 2017 Fun

The Head of State noted that the Working Group carried out extensive work on the collection, processing, analysis and discussion of the proposals on the draft constitutional reform submitted for public discussion.

“Using my constitutional right, I made a decision to amend the Basic Law by the discussion in the Parliament, without submitting it to referendum,” the President of Kazakhstan said.

Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed that all changes give a special impetus to the development of the country, and this is an important step.

“It should be noted that we maintain our Kazakhstani political model – presidential republic. System of government should be flexible in accordance with the time requirements. As a result of the reform, the powers will be transferred from one branch to another, the control function of the representative bodies before the government and executive bodies, aimed at both their professionalization, and the assertion of the principle of authority of the people, will be intensified. We have to decide the fate of a document that is important for the future of the people, to summarize the public discussion, to determine the timing of bringing them to the Parliament. It was established that the changes to 23 articles of the Constitution, 35 amendments to the law are the changes are made. The intend of amendments is to reallocate a number of presidential powers to other branches of government,” the Head of state said.

The President of Kazakhstan drew attention to the factor of success of the presidential model of governance; the country has become recognized in the world community, has increased the welfare of citizens and conducted systematic work on further improvement through it.

“According to the implemented in the country five institutional reforms, the new address to the nation requires a certain transformation of the political system of our country,” Nursultan Nazarbayev concluded.

In a statement Head of the Working Group reported on the preparation of proposals for a redistribution of powers between branches of government, which are provided as a change in the Constitution and in the laws of the country.

“The members of the Working Group recorded all opinions, questions and suggestions that were received during the public discussion. Administration of the President has been allocated special e-mail address where anyone could send their materials. The citizens showed high activity on discussion of the proposed reforms. The proposals received from all regions, almost from all population groups; scientists, lawyers, community leaders, business community sent different ideas, a large number of proposals were received in the last days of discussions. All this testifies to the correctness of your decision to discuss constitutional reform in society,” A.Dzhaksybekov said.

Also Head of the Presidential Administration said that all of the citizens received more than 6 thousand proposals affecting 63 articles of the Constitution, which include all sections of the Basic Law.

“Proposals diverse and not limited only to the project submitted for public discussion rules. They were organized into several blocks. More than 40 proposals were received for the section that defines the status and powers of the Head of State. Despite the fact that the aim of the reform is to redistribute the powers of the President in favor of transfer it to other branches of government, in many respects, the proposals were aimed at strengthening the powers of the Head of state. With regard to powers, the Parliament received 88 proposals as a whole in support of strengthening the role of the Parliament of the initiative in the formation of the Government. In particular, the proposals for the transition to a parliamentary republic, unicameral Parliament, the election of deputies on the basis of a majority system proposes to strengthen the requirements for the deputies by limiting the run more than once, increasing the age limit,” the head of the Working group informed.

In addition, A.Dzhaksybekov stopped on the proposals on the status and activities of the Government in strengthening its accountability to Parliament. Among them are the consolidation of the mandatory approval of the Majilis of the entire composition of the Government and its accountability not only to the Majilis, and Parliament as a whole.

In conclusion of his speech, Head of the Presidential Administration said the proposals aimed at changing the order of formation of the Constitutional Council and its conversion to the Constitutional Court. It was reported that the highest number of proposals were received by the authority of law enforcement and judicial unit.

The Head of State pointed out that the broad nature of opinions and proposals received from citizens, evidence of gaps and shortcomings in our work that need to be addressed in future work.

All the members of the Working Group made statements during the meeting. In particular, the amendments to Article 26 of the current Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding the property rights were discussed. Members of the Working Group voiced different population on the proposed changes to the specified rate.

In turn, Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed not to make changes to Article 26, taking into account the views of the citizens of Kazakhstan, noting the need for further measures to improve the legislation and clarify its basic provisions.

At the same time, members of the Working Group informed the Head of State about the concerns of the majority of citizens of certain powers of the redistribution process, noting the need to maintain strong presidential vertical.

In conclusion, Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed once again the importance and the relevance of the forthcoming reforms, pointing to the high activity of citizens in the discussion of the proposed amendments.

“The proposed changes in the state system are aimed at further strengthening the democratization of our society, democracy foundations, strengthening the role of parliament, increasing the autonomy and responsibility of the government at the presidential form of government. This is the whole essence of the reforms. The constitutional framework of law enforcement and judicial system will also be modernized, system of constitutional supervision strengthened guarantees the immutability of our constitutional order will be improved, changes in the draft constitution will be submitted to Parliament for discussion in the near future,” the President of Kazakhstan said.

Summing up the results of the meeting, the President expressed his gratitude to all the members of the Working Group for his fruitful and important historical work.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan