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Saturday, December 5th, 2020

Gulnara Kurbanbayeva: “It is important that business has a normal business climate and a normal barrier to entry into the industry”

by January 28, 2019 Health

Kazakhstan has reformed the system of state control and supervision of business entities, introduced the institute of preventive control, introduced control measures to support and protect the rights of private entrepreneurs. Gulnar Kurbanbayeva, member of the Advisory Committee of the Eurasian Economic Union, Vice President of the Association of Entrepreneurs of the Karaganda region, spoke about how the business community responded to the new control format for protecting the rights of entrepreneurs specifically for our site.

– Gulnar Turetaevna, can you say that the state authorities have finally heard the voice of entrepreneurs? Name the specific proposal that has found its application in the case.

I can say that the work that was carried out in terms of optimization of state control and supervision, in fact, is an indicator of a lot of work. As a member of the EAEC, I can say that, first of all, this is a unique experience of creating an institutional structure at the legislative level – an expert group that is concerned with optimizing the activities of state bodies in terms of business regulation. I will tell you this – it was made on the basis of all the proposals that arose from business entities.

– What conclusions did the monitoring of public services led by your business community lead to?

We began to conduct monitoring of state services in terms of state regulation on issuing permits and state control in 2014. Then the level of unfavorable and negative attitude towards this work on the part of state bodies was approximately 45-50% in different regions. Now it is less than one third.

– In your opinion, does not the relaxation of control bear certain risks for the conscientiousness of SMEs?

This fact, first of all, says that, in principle, the optimization itself, like the algorithm itself for optimizing processes, switching to preventive control, is good for business. A preliminary survey of several regions, including in the Karaganda region showed that every third appeal of business entities concerned dissatisfaction with the conduct of state control in the form of audits. Now such appeals, if there will be one tenth. Even, somewhere, even less. Thus, we are burning about the fact that the more we give an opportunity to work to a business to work without government intervention, the more chances that they will start to work quietly, smoothly, systematically.

I think it is absolutely philistine the view that the more we control a business, the more it breaks and the more it creates risks for people’s life and health. This is the wrong position! Since the statistics itself shows that the number of violations detected every year does not increase – in some areas, for example, in sanitary and epidemiological supervision, it remains at a certain level in veterinary surveillance. In other areas of the industry – it sharply goes down. That is, the question is not even about the fact that entrepreneurs are not afraid – entrepreneurs are trying to find the right solutions to their problems in terms of the rules of the game that the state provides.

– Tell me, as a representative of the business community – what is important today for entrepreneurs?

For us, for representatives of the business community, it is very important that a business has a normal business climate and a normal barrier to entering one or another industry. If we talk about what happened before, it is impossible to ignore such a fact – the audit became a barrier, since the main task of the state body was not so much to check and tell: how to conduct business. Her goal was to “roll” some administrative fine and be sure to punish the business. This became a serious problem so that the business program and the state policy of business development with the aim of entering the top 30 most developed countries of the world were implemented. Therefore, the task of the regulatory authorities to impose administrative fines was removed by moving to preventive control.

Unfortunately, in Kazakhstan, the business on wheels widespread in the world, which is characterized by low investment costs and high profitability, did not go. I would like to know the completeness of the issue on this topic and your opinion on this issue …

– In fact, today the Committee on Public Health of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan is developing sanitary rules and regulations on “business on wheels”. This is a very important point, because everyone knows how many consumer complaints were about stationary light objects – such as shawarma, and so on. Unless there are sanitary norms and rules for catering on wheels, we unfortunately cannot develop this business. And now the task force is facing the task force of finalizing SanPin in this part, together with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of National Economy. And also to make the corresponding checklists, make changes to the legislation and then we have this business – it will go! Since the fire department, by and large, certain requirements already exist. However, they, too, may need to be expanded.

– What help for young people engaged in SME will be in the Year of Youth?

Our expert group, in the framework of work in the Ministry of Economic Development, prepared a pool of proposals. And now we are preparing to hold a separate expert group meeting, we want to invite the ministry to draw up a whole list of actions and, possibly, amendments and additions to the laws, specifically in terms of supporting youth entrepreneurship. I understand perfectly well that entrepreneurship should not be divided into youth, women’s or otherwise, but we understand that for young people, the only way to realize this is through the creation of their own business!

In this regard, we have a proposal in terms of making changes and additions to the Business Road Map 2020 program itself. And we have already coordinated this issue with the leadership of the ministry of economics department. I think that the start will be, and a certain effectiveness in this direction is already visible. In short, relating to the entire business, we will focus on young people.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan