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Groundwater exploration in 480 villages to be completed in the current year

by October 18, 2016 World Sports

He said that exploration activities are carried out to ensure that reserves of groundwater settlements. Exploration activities have been carried out in 576 villages within Drinking Water Programme for 2002-2010.

“In 2012-2015, the exploration work carried out in 1301 villages, as well as reserves to 105 fields were reinstated in connection with the expiration of the operation. In 2016, work in 480 villages will be completed and reserves to 35 fields will be reinstated. Upon completion of the work, local executive bodies will submit a report to the Ministry of Investment and Development for approval of groundwater resources. Funds for exploration in the form of a general nature transfer will be sent directly to the local executive bodies since 2017,” the Minister said.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan