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Greenhouse in S Kazakhstan increases production capacity

by May 15, 2017 Key Issues

Governor of South Kazakhstan region Zhanseit Tuimebayev got acquainted with the work of “Yassy Nan” LLP and set the task to increase production volumes, increasing the capacity of the enterprise. The production began to provide neighboring areas with flour products. Today at the enterprise, where 20 tons of bakery products are produced per day, 50 people work on a permanent basis.

According to Governor’s Office, the plant producing 15 kinds of flour products was launched in February 2016. The project cost was 200 million tenge. Last year the enterprise produced products for the amount of 287 654 thousand tenge. 8 kinds of sausage products are produced at this factory. For these purposes, the factory has created special feeding grounds. In general, the products are exported to the city of Turkestan, neighboring regions and to Kyzylorda region.

After that, the Governor of the region visited a greenhouse of the peasant farm “Yesrasyl” in the rural district of Shaga. The area of the greenhouse is 0.35 hectares. In the greenhouse, Korean equipment worth 70 million tenge has been installed. Here 36 tons of cucumbers grow. When they reach full capacity, from one hectare they will be able to receive 150 tons of products.

It should be noted that today the total area of greenhouses in Turkestan is 50.6 hectares. Including industrial greenhouses – 10.5 hectares. On average, in 2016, 1040 tons of tomatoes, 1130 tons of cucumbers, 90 tons of vegetables and 200,000 flowers were grown in Turkestan greenhouses. A total of 2,260 tons of vegetables were produced.

Along with this, the Governor of the region visited the peasant farm “Yassy Kus” in the village of Orangay of the city of Turkestan. The farm is equipped with the latest generation technology and is mainly engaged in the production of poultry meat and eggs. The first stage of the project was launched in 2016, 12 thousand heads of meat direction and 22 thousand heads of egg direction are grown here. In general, in 2016 the economy produced 4.4 million eggs. The second phase of the project is planned to be operational in the second half of 2017.

In case of full implementation of the project, in the city of Turkestan the factory will be able to replace the imported poultry meat products from abroad.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050