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Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Greenhouse complex accounting to 25mln euros is built in Astana


“Poland is the foremost in cultivating tomatoes. There will be a greenhouse complex near Astana. Poland will finance it. The project amounts to 25 million euros. The agreement has already been signed, this year we will only have time to hold land works. If all your procedures are completed before October, it will be good. The area of the land is 28 hectares, there tomatoes, cucumbers and greens will be cultivated. The advantage in profit and in share is on the side of the Kazakhstani firm. 28 hectares are 280 square meters, one square meter – 60 kilograms, there will be bees flying there, which means that this land is environmentally friendly. We are comfortable to work in Kazakhstan. We want to work, plow and show what we can do”, T. Namedynski said.

He has also talked about the project in Pavlodar region.

“The project in Pavlodar region includes 30 directions, such as vegetable growing, horticulture, packaging production, processing of vegetables and fruits, and so on. In addition, there are 13 directions for servicing farmers in agriculture. We have farmers, they do what they can, they do not work as lawyers and financiers. They work for such companies, which we want to organize here in Kazakhstan, to remove a farmer’s problem, so that he would be engaged in farming”, T. Namedynski said.

At the end, he noted that Poland takes leading positions in economic development in the European Union.

“We are forerunners in economic development in the European Union during 7 years. We have the first places in the world for agriculture, for example, for the import of apples, strawberries, champignons, blueberries, currants, etc. Our experience will enable us to compete with the Dutch, the French and win. Sanctions have helped us, because the price has increased and we turned to the West, and they greet the environmentally friendly products of which we are rich”, T. Namedynski concluded.

We note that the Kazakh-Polish business-forum is held in Astana. About 450 representatives of business including the leading companies from Kazakhstan and Poland have arrived to participate in it. The participation of Heads of the two States Nursultan Nazarbayev and Andrzej Duda is also expected.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050