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Gratitude Day – appreciation of the Kazakh land and the people who accepted the ethnic groups

by March 1, 2019 General

Deputy Chairman of the ANK, Vitaly Tvarionas, emphasized the special significance of this day for the settlers in Kazakhstan.

On January 14, 2016, the Decree of the President established Thanksgiving Day in Kazakhstan. The holiday is celebrated on March 1, the day of the formation of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Vitaly Tvionas said at a press conference in the CCS.

The speaker recalled that at the anniversary session of the Assembly, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of its creation, the Head of State noted that it would be fair to establish the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan � March 1 � to celebrate every year as a Day of gratitude of all ethnic groups for each other and accepted these people as relatives. This would bring us even closer together. This day can become a bright holiday of mercy, friendship and love of all Kazakhstanis to each other.

This holiday is relatively young – we celebrate its fourth year. And yet, it is safe to say that he has already formed his own traditions.

First of all, this is of course charity. Annually to the Day of gratitude around the country, charity events and events are held. Today, by the Thanksgiving Day, more than 1,570 charity events and events will take place in the republic, as a result of which help will be rendered to needy mothers with many children and orphans totaling 126 million tenge, he said.

Vitaly Tvarionas also noted that koumiss, kurt and snowdrop became the traditional symbols of the holiday.

The incarnation of perseverance, endurance and hope is considered to be a snowdrop – a flower emerging from under the snow in the days of the first spring heat. Kumys is not just the embodiment of ancient traditions and the thousand-year-old way of life of the Kazakh people, this drink gave courage and bravery to the batyrs in the battles for their native land, he saved thousands of people from hunger and disease during the years of great trials. And everyone knows that the Kazakhs shared with the displaced people Kurt, who saved them from starvation, he said.

Vitaliy Tvaryonas emphasized the special significance of this day for immigrants to Kazakhstan.

The day of gratitude is an appreciation of the Kazakh land and the people, who cordially received millions of people of different ethnic groups who came to Kazakhstan, sometimes as a result of tragic events. Despite the harsh time, everyone found a home here, Kazakhstan became the Motherland for all. Therefore, the Day of Thanks is, first of all, a tribute to each other of all citizens of our country, a day of respect for our common history, a day of mutual help and support, V.Tvarias added.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan