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Grant2019: What do those who did not pass the competition?


Today the results of the state grant competition have been published in the national mass media. This year 53 785 grants were allocated for the competition. It was attended by 64,452 people. ViceMinister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Fatima Zhakupova told about how grants were classified.

NURSULTAN 01 August, 17:50

According to the Vice Minister, this year the grant result was announced five days earlier than last year.

Today, the results of the republican competition for media have been summed up. This is the result of the work of the Republican Competition Commission. This year 53 785 grants were allocated for the competition. 64,452 people took part. Total average competition was 1.29 people per grant. Congratulations to all owners. Every year the opportunity to receive state grants is increasing. More than 45% of the total grant is divided into engineering, construction and IT specialties. More than 8 thousand grants are divided into pedagogical specialties. This year the number of owners of the Altyn Belgi contest was more than 5800. Of these, more than 4,600 have received grants. The highest number of them is engineering, IT, pedagogical and natural sciences. The highest score in traditional medicine, including stomatology, pharmacy, engineering specialties, pedagogical direction, shows foreign language teaching more than 100 points F. Zhakypova.

Vice Minister noted the number of people who were admitted to the grant through special programs. In addition, it is proposed to make changes to the Government’s decree due to the allocation of state grants.

There are over 5,000 grant recipients in the Mangilik Yel Youth special course. More than 5,000 grants were awarded within the framework of the Serpin program. Unfortunately, there are people who are not admitted to the grant. But we make changes to the Government’s resolutions. Then the Republican Commission will continue issuing grants in the established order, the Vice Minister said.

The Deputy Minister also noted that the grants allocated on behalf of the President of Kazakhstan, KassymJomart Tokayev, will be allocated for children from large and needy families.

At the request of the Head of State additional 5000 grants were allocated. They are appointed from 5 to 15 August with participation of local executive bodies. In general, those who can not take part in the republican competition can participate in this additional competition, said Fatima Dzhakupova.

According to the Vice Minister, there are grants, which are undeveloped in educational grants.

About 3,000 grants are now distributed among those who can not get grants. In addition, local administrations will allocate additional grants depending on their budget. Annually, the local executive authorities will receive a grant. Last year 3000 grants were allocated. This year may be so many or more. It depends on the socioeconomic development of the region. As I have already noted, the systematic work is being carried out to boost access to higher education by the state, he said.

The Deputy Minister also noted that those who disagree with the results of the state grant can apply for MES and the National Testing Center for reconsideration.

The state grants are regulated by the computer. The objective process. Man can not communicate. We recently explained to the National Testing Center how to get a grant during a press tour. Certainly, any citizen who participates in the competition and does not have a grant has the right to appeal for review. MES can apply to the National Testing Center. We work separately and check each person. Nevertheless, I repeat, no contribution to the allocation of a grant, said ViceMinister of Education and Science Fatima Dzhakupova.

Fatima Dzhakupova advised school graduates and their parents to choose their profession.

Grants were distributed in a direction rather than group. The Republican Tender Commission worked in this order. Now there is a great demand for some specialties. We have identified together with the Ministry of Labor, government agencies and national companies. Nowadays, the state demand for engineering and pedagogical specialties is high. Taking this opportunity to look at the school graduates, their parents, and to what specialties the state needs in the future, it is necessary to give graduates a special direction, he said.

Also, among the graduating students who have applied for a grant to the representative of the Ministry of Education and Science, they have noted the top 5 universities in the country with high demand.

Traditionally, our national universities. Eurasian National University, AlFarabi Kazakh National University, regional universities: Auezov SKSU, Caspian Technological University named after Esenov, Aktubinsk State University named after Zhubanov are among the many selected. In addition, the International IT University, which was opened for the first time in NurSultan, KazakhBritish Technical University, The demand for the Kazakh National Technical University named after Satpayev was high, said Vice Minister of Education and Science Fatima Dzhakupova at the briefing.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050