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Governor of NKR offered to celebrate Nauryz in every yard

by March 18, 2017 World Sports

Governor’s Office informed the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, labor, sports, honorable residents of the region, chairmen of public councils took part in the meeting with the Governor of the region.

“Only together – the society, the older generation, the youth, non-governmental organizations – only together we can fulfill the tasks that the Head of State sets before us”, K.Aksakalov stressed.

The Governor of the region also congratulated those present on the upcoming Nauryz holidays and announced his proposal to celebrate Nauryz meiramy not only in squares and streets of our cities and villages but in every yard as well.

“It would be a good tradition, if the celebration of Nauryz would be started by putting in order the courtyard territories and living quarters. To clear from the snow access roads in yards, children’s playgrounds, sidewalks, irrigation canals and storm sewers, and in the end, whenever possible, to cover the festive tables with the whole yard, to organize national games for agility and endurance. I am confident that all these actions would strengthen the spirit of the unity and solidarity even more”, the head of the region stressed.

Note that in Petropavlovsk there are more than 400 yards in the residential areas.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050