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Governor of N Kazakhstan rgn instructed to increase salaries for villagers


According to Governor’s Office of North Kazakhstan region, the Governor of the region visited the district named after Gabit Musrepov and Aiyrtau district within the framework of the working trip.

So, Kumar Aksakalov got acquainted with the work and material equipment of the paramedic outpatient clinic in the village of Chervonnoye and inspected the cultivated areas of “Chervonnoye-Agro” LLP.

District’s Mayor Vladimir Dudov reported on the results of the social and economic development of the district for the first half of the year.

“Gross output of agriculture in the first half of the year amounted to 4.5 billion tenge with the increase of 6.5% and occupies the third position in the region. Much attention is paid to the productivity of labor in the district. We have large reserves. Recently, there has been an increase in investments in agriculture. To increase the volume of products, the diversification of the areas is carried out”, V. Dudov said.

Also the district has increased the production of milk.

“Milk production amounted to 20.2 thousand tons with the growth of 6% for the half year. At the same time, there are reserves of the growth. Thus, for the same period last year, the growth amounted to 13.2%. The number of cattle is 41,8 thousand heads. Out of 300 farms, only 56 breed cattle. There are large farms that have a significant area of land but do not engage in livestock”, head of the Department of agriculture Kairat Omarov said.

In addition, head of the Department for the coordination of employment and social programs Sergei Yakovenko in his speech spoke about low wages in the rural enterprises.

Following the meeting, the Governor of the region instructed to increase the salaries of the villagers by 20% and carry out the effective work on employment.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050