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Saturday, August 13th, 2022

Government to introduce in Parliament 33 bills in 2017

by November 1, 2016 General

Minister of Justice of Kazakhstan Marat Beketayev reported on the draft Plan on Legislative Work of the Government for 2017.

According to M.Beketayev, the draft plan provides for elaboration and introduction in the Parliament of 33 draft laws.

As the Minister noted, the draft plan takes into account the orders of the Head of State, the Government and provisions of the Conceptual plan of legislative work for 2016-2021.

For example, in order to implement the five institutional reforms of 100 Concrete Steps Nations Plan it is planned to elaborate the draft laws aimed at expanding academic and managerial autonomy of higher education institutions, introducing per capita financing, transferring functions not peculiar to the state in the competitive environment and self-regulatory organizations, M.Beketayev listed.

Also, the draft plan provides for elaboration of separate bills: On administrative procedures (Ministry of Justice), Administrative Procedure Code (Armed Forces), On natural monopolies (Ministry of National Economy), On Cinematography (Ministry of Culture and Sport), On restoring the solvency of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Ministry of Finance), On currency regulation and currency control (National Bank), On subsoil and subsoil use (Ministry of Investments and Development), On taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget and customs regulation (Ministry of National Economy).

Along with that, there are assumed changes in existing legislation. For instance, in the spheres of agriculture, information and communication, administrative offences, etc., head of Justice Ministry added.

In general, according to the Minister, in the year ahead the government agencies plan to advance legislation in 23 areas.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan