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Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

Government reviews progress of harvesting, readiness for heating season and prevention of price increases for significant goods

by October 5, 2018 Market

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture Umirzak Shukeyev reported on the progress of harvesting in the country. In 2018, 15 million hectares of grain crops will be harvested, including wheat from 11.4 million hectares. The area of oilseeds is 2.8 million hectares, which is 0.4 million hectares more than in 2017.

Shukeyev reported that the gross harvest of grain in the republic is projected at 20 million tons. Oilseed production is expected to reach 2.3 million tons. Such volumes will make it possible to increase the export potential of grain to 9 million tons, oilseeds � up to 1 million tons, provide feed mills and oil processing enterprises with raw materials. At present, grain crops have been removed from 14.2 million hectares or 95%, 19.9 million tons of grain have been threshed with a yield of 14 c / ha.

The issues of providing diesel producers with agricultural fuel did not remain without attention. As noted, the demand for the period July-October is 394,000 tons. As of October 4, 324,000 tons (82%) were shipped. At the same time, the average price of cheaper diesel fuel in October with delivery in the regions is ~ 165 t / l (at gas stations � 191 tg / l), which is 14% cheaper than market prices.

On the special control of the Government � the storage of grain. After heavy rainfall, there is an increased humidity of grain entering the elevators, which requires additional drying of the crop and, accordingly, the cost of purchasing diesel fuel for its implementation. In this regard, the Ministry of Energy approved a schedule agreed upon with the Ministry of Agriculture to assign areas to the refinery for the supply of an additional 50,000 tons of diesel fuel for October � November 2018.

In general the total storage capacity of grain in Kazakhstan is 26.7 million tons, which is enough for today considering the expected yield. In the ongoing work of filling the seeds for the harvest in 2019, it was reported that more than 1.9 million tons of seeds or 77% of the demand were planted.

The akims of Akmola region Malik Murzalin, North Kazakhstan � Kumar Aksakalov, Karaganda – Yerlan Koshanov, Pavlodar � Bulat Bakauov, East Kazakhstan � Daniyal Akhmetov, Kyzylorda � Krymbek Kusherbayev, Almaty � Amandyk Batalov, Turkestan � Zhanseit Tuimebayev, as well as the president of KTZh National Company Kanat Alpysbayev reported on the harvesting situation in the regions.

The Minister of Energy Kanat Bozumbayev, reporting on the preparation for the heating season, noted that the standard coal reserves throughout the country have been created, there are no problems.

Regional akims, in turn, reported on readiness for the heating season 2018/19. In particular, Akim of the Akmola region Murzalin reported that the region is 100% ready for the upcoming heating season. About 3.7 billion tenge was allocated from the regional budget, readiness of all objects is 100%, two-month reserves of coal are provided, fuel oil is supplied according to the schedule. The supply of heat to social facilities began September 28, to the remaining facilities � from October 1.

According to akim of the East Kazakhstan region, there are also no failures in the region with preparations for the heating season. Large CHP and small boiler rooms are 100% ready. Readiness of water supply networks � 99.8%, public sector objects �100%, apartment buildings � 98%. Until October 15, a 100% coal supply will be provided.

Akim of the West Kazakhstan region Altai Kulginov reported that the region had already begun the heating season: social facilities are connected, readiness passports for residential houses are available and will soon be connected. All projects on repair of heating mains have been completed, due to which the deterioration of the networks in Aksay has been reduced from 43% to 7%.

Akim of the North Kazakhstan region noted that all organizations in the region are connected to heating: not a single house has been left without heating today. All repairs are completed on time.

Akim of the Kostanay region reported that the heating season in the region had already begun. Additional funds for the purchase of fuel oil, as previously agreed, were allocated by the Ministry of Finance.

Akim of the Karaganda region noted that all eight CHP plants are ready for the heating season. Temirtau CHPP-2 is under control, where the construction of the seventh boiler will begin this year on behalf of the Head of State. All social and cultural facilities are provided with coal for 100%, population � for 78%.

According to Akim of Pavlodar region, the region is ready for the heating season. Coal availability is 100%. All social facilities are heated from September 17. Residential buildings are provided with heating by 90%. The region is ready for winter.

Akim of Almaty Bauyrzhan Baybek reported that readiness for the heating season is 98%. In five days it will be 100%. Boiler rooms, water supply, sewerage and power supply systems are 100% ready. This is higher than in 2018. Social facilities are also 100% ready. Standard coal reserves are 102%, fuel oil � 108%.

In addition, the measures taken to ensure the stability of prices for socially important goods and services and to prevent their growth were considered at the meeting.

The Minister of National Economy Timur Suleimenov reported that threshold values were approved at the end of each year in order to monitor price fluctuations for these types of goods. Thus, in eight regions there is an excess of threshold prices by 15%. In such cases, the legislation provides for a set of measures � the use of reserves of stabilization funds and interaction with subjects of trade.

The decision on the establishment of limit prices is carried out by the akimats collectively within a period of not more than five working days. When making a decision, members of the Commission take into account the territorial remoteness of the goods from its production, density and purchasing power of the population. In addition, it takes into account the conditions and possibilities of storing these goods at the places of their production and in the places of sale, as well as the economic feasibility of establishing the size of marginal prices, said Suleimenov.

The Ministry of National Economy regularly conducts selector meetings to clarify the norms of legislation.

Within the framework of the seventh package of amendments we prepared to enhance business environment and improve trading activities, a set of measures was also developed aimed at supporting the agro-industrial complex. In order to improve the access of domestic producers to retail chains, as well as to increase Kazakhstan’s place in the Global Competitiveness Index, the draft law prohibits the establishment of retro-bonuses for the sale of socially significant goods. There are legal grounds for creating a modern infrastructure for storing, sorting, selling and delivering food products, Suleimenov explained.

The Committee on the Regulation of Natural Monopolies and the Protection of Competition is also actively working. In nine months, 227 investigations were conducted in respect of more than 200 business entities. Currently, 190 have been completed, of which 148 are with the identification of violations in the field of competition protection.

Minister of Energy Kanat Bozumbayev also reported on the current situation on the cost of diesel fuel.

There is no shortage of diesel fuel. Shipment for the harvest campaign is almost complete. In total, in October, 45,000 tons plus 55,000 tons should be given for drying. By the end of October, there is a surplus. Seasonal demand will fall, said the minister.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan