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Government of Kazakhstan developed Roadmap for implementation of the export policy in agro-industrial complex

by April 3, 2017 Legal

The most important export markets are the countries of the EEU, China, Iran and the Persian Gulf countries.

The markets of the EEU have been selected because Kazakhstani suppliers are free to move around the EEU countries and there are no barriers to them. Kazakhstan also has some advantages in the Chinese market compared to other countries. For example, there are countries that have a large volume of production and low cost. In its turn, Kazakhstan can be competitive in the market of ecologically clean organic products. Our products under the brand name “Halal” are relevant in Iran.

“Currently, we are working with technological experts to certify our products for compliance with the requirements of Halal and we expect that we can become the largest suppliers of halal products to the markets of Iran and the Persian Gulf countries,” G. Isayeva said.

According to Vice-Minister, there are certain types of supplies to other countries, but they will not give the volume that the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan planned for the next five-year plan.

In addition to promoting Kazakh agricultural products to foreign markets, the Roadmap is also aimed at attracting foreign investment in the country.

“We signed agreements in 2017 and have already begun the implementation of joint orders with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and on investment and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan to speed up work on these issues,” G. Isayeva said.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan