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Government of Kazakhstan defined the main directions in the work with youth

by January 10, 2017 Legal

Minister of Kazakhstan for Religious Affairs and Civil Society Nurlan Yermekbayev reported that over the past decade, legal and conceptual framework for the implementation of the youth policy, the necessary infrastructure were established in Kazakhstan. Since 2012, management of youth policy and youth resource centers work universally.

The work enabled Kazakhstan to occupy the 61st position in the global index of development of youth – Global Youth Development Index 2016, where 183 countries were evaluated.

However, having studied the expert evaluations and recommendations, further work is planned to build five topical areas.

First. Continue efforts to reduce the gap between the capacity of rural and urban youth, youth socialization and recreation. It is therefore proposed to draft a national youth movement, which will be the key areas: the development of volunteering, sporting and artistic achievements, work skills.

In addition, it is proposed to expand the network of simple outdoor sports facilities (street workout), yard clubs and other forms of low-cost mass youth involvement in sports and creativity. This active use of public-private partnership.

The second is the development of “social mobility.” Effective mechanism is creative associations and unions, which should identify the “ability” to contribute to their development.

In addition, it is proposed to study the issue on awarding the State Youth Award “Daryn” on an annual basis, maintaining the stimulus and expanding opportunities for talented young people.

Military service plays the positive role, where it is advisable to increase the involvement of unemployed youth (NEET).

The third direction is to support young families, inviting experienced psychologists and other specialists it is proposed in one of spring days in all schools of the country at the same time to hold a nationwide rally “family hour” for parents .

The development of human resources of the state apparatus, working with young people will be fourth direction of the work. In this connection, youth resource centers will be updated with the methodological framework, taking into account new challenges. In addition, Research Center “Youth” will continue to conduct seminars and trainings for professionals working with young people.

The latest trend in the work will be the strengthening of inter-agency coordination. In this connection, it is proposed to take place in the first quarter of this year, meeting on Youth Policy under the President of the Council. In addition, all state agencies is recommended to take an active part in the work of the Coordination Council for the development of youth organizations. It is also necessary to intensify the work of the regional councils of Youth with the consideration and decision of the most pressing issues of concern to young people, and regularly hear the progress of youth work at the meetings of the Government of Kazakhstan.

Source: Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan