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Government intensifies work with Kazakhstan’s existing religious associations

by August 28, 2017 Legal

In the current year, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan has intensified its work with the country’s existing religious associations. This was reported by Minister of Religious Affairs and Civil Society Nurlan Yermekbayev during the briefing at the Government press center.

Nurlan Yermekbayev reported that to date, the Ministry has established cooperation with all legally functioning religious associations (more than 3600 religious associations). At the same time, many issues are resolved online.

Within the framework of such cooperation, a memorandum was concluded with the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan (SAMK). Based on it, the SAMK has taken significant steps to change the formats of its work. The work of the Imam Corps is retargeted from mass propaganda work to targeted work with the intended population. Large-scale outreach work is conducted only among believers and mainly in religious facilities.

Also, together with the leadership of the SAMK, a pool of qualified and trained imams has been formed. They are focused on conducting targeted work with representatives of destructive movements, on their rehabilitation and return to the fold of traditional Islam. The issue of developing the Kazakh theological school is being studied.

In addition, the SAMK is taking measures to improve the qualification of mosques’ imams. For this purpose, the Institute for Retraining in the field of the prevention of extremism has been established. Since October 2016, 40 imams and theological specialists have been trained at this institute.

An agreement has been signed on cooperation with the Orthodox Church of Kazakhstan, and assistance is provided to the Catholic Church and other denominations. The Ministry has an Expert Council on Religious Affairs and the Assembly of Religious Leaders. The Forum of Religious Scientists is held annually. A new structure of the Council for Relations with Religious Associations under the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been formed. It includes leaders of traditional faiths, scholars, rector of universities, representatives of NGOs and the media.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan