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Government fully meets all social obligations in 2016

by February 4, 2017 Market

Todays enlarged meeting of the Government chaired by the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev covered the main results of social and economic development and budget parameters of year 2016.

According to the Finance Minister Bakhyt Sultanov, national budget revenues increased since the previous year by 1.3 trillion tenge or by 25%. This allowed reducing the withdrawals from the National Fund in the amount of 370 billion tenge. Expenses amounted to 1.5 trillion more than in 2015. The national budget savings amounted to 110 billion tenge in the year-end.

In Ministers words, there is significant cash balance in the year-beginning at all budget levels. This make it possible to finance all spending priorities at the beginning of the year with no delay and implementing social orders designated in the Presidential Message Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness.

All the social obligations of both national and local budgets are fully implemented. In addition, an annual part of Nurly Zhol state program, which received 472 billion tenge, was fully implemented.

Legalization action was completed. 5.7 trillion tenge was legalized, which exceeded initial forecasts. 147 objects totaling 31 billion tenge were privatized last year, the Finance Minister informed.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan