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Government discussed new mechanisms for the development of film industry

by January 17, 2017 General

Minister of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan A.Mukhamediuly reported that a number of successful films, sought not only in the domestic but also in the global market, added in Kazakhstan over the last year.

The leader of the Kazakh and Russian release were the film “28 Panfilov”, the fifth part of the epic “Way Leader” – “So there were the stars,” which premiered in Russia, China, France, Hong Kong, Greece, picture of Akhan Satayeva “Road to mother “and many others.

“Kazakhfilm” studio presented 75 films to a wide global box office in the past three years. All of them were able to adequately represent the possibility of Kazakh cinema.

In order to further develop the film industry, Legislative Work Plan for 2017 included the development of the draft law “On Cinematography” , which is to determine the legal basis of activity in this sphere, to establish the mechanisms of state support, and to determine the principles for the regulation of social relations in the film production process. In March of this year, the document will be submitted to the Government, and in May, it provided consideration in Parliament.

In addition, the Government was instructed to develop a draft concept of development of cinematography in February 2016 . During the year, a draft document has been developed and was widely discussed.

Taking into account the best international practices, the main approaches of the industry have been identified. Among them: the separation of functions between cinematographic institutions, infrastructure transformation, creation of conditions for the development of film production, and access to the world steel market.

This practice of the United States, France, Germany, Russia, Britain, China and many other countries. Significant tax benefits, preferential treatment for the production of films, were established at the legislative level in these countries; there are special funds and support centers movie.

In general, all the main directions of development of the industry identified in the project to develop the concept. It is expected that its adoption will be solved a number of issues regarding the future of the state support for the industry, production, storage and digitization of film material, the conversion of existing infrastructure, and more.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan