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Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

Government approved Action Plan to implement AIC state program for 2017-2021

by February 28, 2017 World Sports

According to K.Aituganov, Plan, developed by the Ministry of Agriculture, contains 134 actions by 8 tasks of the State program.

“Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture envisages priority lending cooperatives with the repayment of the initial payment due to investment subsidies, as well as the allocation of subsidies to cooperatives to recover VAT costs. Tripartite plans will be concluded between the Ministries of Agriculture, Labor and Social Protection of Population and mayor’s offices with benchmarks for regions for each year. It is planned to increase the number of active cooperatives to 326 units in 2017,” First Vice-Minister said.

As a result of the measures taken support measures for the coverage of producers for the same amount of budget will be increased by 7.5 times.

Measures for the reconstruction of the emergency water systems and hydraulic structures of the republican property, the construction of new reservoirs and infrastructure rehabilitation of irrigation and drainage systems will be implemented to ensure the efficient use of water resources, the accumulation of the necessary volume of water resource. Implementation of the above measures will fulfill the President’s instructions on putting into circulation more 600 thousand hectares of land and regular irrigation to increase their area to 2 million. hectares in 2021, First Vice-Minister said.

The issue of enhancing security of agricultural machinery and of chemicals, development of commercial and logistics infrastructure were considered. In general, the implementation of the Action Plan during 2017-2021 will need about 2.4 trillion. tenge, including from the republican budget – 1.2 trillion. tenge, the local budget – 852 billion tenge, the MFI and businesses – 306 billion tenge.

“On February 21 this year, the draft Plan was approved at the session of the Republican Budget Commission, as well as coordinated with the Presidential Administration, ministries and departments, mayors of the regions, Astana and Almaty,” K. Aituganov concluded.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan