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Government adopts bill to expand academic and managerial freedom of universities

by April 25, 2017 Key Issues

Today, at the Government meeting chaired by Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev, a bill “On amendments to certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on expanding the academic and managerial independence of Higher Education Institutions” was adopted.

Presenting the bill, Minister of Education and Science Y. Sagadiyev reported that the expansion of academic and managerial freedom of higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan implies their entitlement to determine the procedure for students’ admission, structure and content of educational programs and establish subsidiaries for scientific and educational activities. Previously, all these advantages were enjoyed only by National universities.

In addition, the principle of developing educational programs connecting with the National Qualifications Framework will be introduced. Thanks to this, universities will be able to develop their own educational programs based on the results of training and their competence. In turn, the system of licensing of universities will change. If previously only the specialty was licensed, then after the adoption of the bill, the direction of training as a whole will be licensed.

Today there are about 600 specialties of higher and postgraduate education, and with the new approach there will be 10 areas of training, within which there will be universities’ own educational programs, which can be more than 600, as in the OECD countries.

Students will also be given the right to form an individual trajectory of education in two areas: in-depth development of disciplines and additional mastery of disciplines. The latter means that students of one specialty will be able to supplement their education with an additional specialty.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan