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Google, Facebook, Twitter fail to delete around 5,500 files with banned information

by October 22, 2021 General

Google, Facebook and Twitter have failed to remove around 5,500 files with banned information, deputy head of the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media Vadim Subbotin said at a meeting of the Federation Council’s temporary commission on informational policy and interaction with media on Thursday, adding that the companies have been fined a total of 140 mln rubles ($1.9 mln) as of today, TASS reported.

“A great deal of such banned information is available, with around 5,500 such files still remaining unremoved at the platforms of three largest IT services and transervices belonging to Google, Facebook, Twitter only,” he said.

The internet watchdog takes actions to slow down Twitter traffic, as well as applies penalties in this respect, Subbotin said. “Facebook, Twitter and Google only have been fined 140 mln rubles,” he said.

The regulator plans to collect turnover-based fines from Google through legal action for repeated failure to remove banned content, its deputy head said earlier this week, adding that the watchdog would fully lift restrictions on the speed of Twitter operations countrywide once the social network removes all banned content.

Subbotin said in mid-September that the internet watchdog was ready to collect turnover-based fines from Google, Facebook and Twitter for their failure to delete banned content. The federal agency announced in March the start of a “primary slowdown” of the speed of Twitter’s operations in Russia due to the fact that the network failed to remove banned content. On May 17, the watchdog said it had decided to lift restrictions on access to Twitter in fixed-line networks after its administration removed more than 90% of illegal content. Meanwhile, the slowdown of the social network’s traffic on mobile devices continues.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency