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Gendarbek Bekshin: “The statistics of measles incidence led to the fact that the objectors made a” reverse “”

by January 29, 2019 Fun

Unvaccinated children – the main proportion of measles.

Today, over 900 cases of measles in the regions. And among the sick, just the same, the largest dose of sick – it is unvaccinated. Of these, 56 percent are children who are under the age of vaccination. Next come medical elbows. This is also a large reservoir – 30 percent and 11 percent are those who refused. But according to those who refused, 5725 refused vaccination last year, but due to the fact that medical workers find an individual approach to those who refused, 3,106 refusers made a reverse – that is, they changed their opinion about vaccination and took root, said the chairman of the Ministry of Public Health Committee of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the country, Gendarbek Bekshin.

During a press conference in the CCS, he focused on the fact that compulsory vaccination is needed.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan