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Gasification of settlements in Aktobe region continues

by May 16, 2017 Fun

The construction of Shetyrgyz-Yrgyz gas pipeline, a total cost of which amounted to more than 6.1 billion tenge, was completed in the 4th quarter of 2016. Prior to the implementation of this project in Irgiz district there wasn’t any settlement provided with gas supply. After putting the gas pipeline into operation, the first regional center was gasified – the village of Irgiz.

“Currently, the design and estimate documentation has been prepared for the gas pipeline to the settlements of Akshi, Kurylys and Zhanys bi, which are located along the main pipeline route,” Madi Yeleusizov said.

According to him, this year from the regional budget allocated funds for running water in 3 villages of the district: Nura, Mamyr, Belsher.

In addition, the reconstruction of the water pipeline in the village of Akshi has been started, and the design and estimate documentation for the provision of water to the settlements of Zhanys bi and Shenbertal has been prepared.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050