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G.Shipovskikh: Day of State symbols should motivate young people

by June 3, 2017 Fun

The State symbols are a basis of the independence of our young country. The National Flag, National Anthem and Emblem are sacred symbols that reflect our Independence.

“Today is a very significant day. Firstly, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the independence of our country, and secondly, today the whole country celebrates the 25th anniversary of the State symbols. In fact, today is an important day for every Kazakhstani, for every young person especially. Because, in each of us, there is a feeling of patriotism. Inside, we want our state symbols to appear everywhere only at great heights, so that our Flag and Hymn will begin their apogee only in the glorified places. It can be any kind of sports, maybe political achievements, in which Kazakhstan is now gaining a lot of decent heights”, the member of Parliament stressed.

At the same time, the mazhilisman specifically addressed the youth of Kazakhstan.

“I would like to note that today is important for young people. Because, our younger generation grows every time, move forward, and every young man should have a feeling of great and sincere patriotism. We live for our Motherland, for our people, and at the same time, patriotism is flourishing, which is closely connected with the state symbols. Today must motivate all young people. Taking advantage of the moment, I would like to congratulate all our Kazakhstanis on the 25th anniversary of the State symbols. Let our State symbols only appear at great heights”, Gennady Shipovskikh wished.

Let us recall that for the first time the state symbols of Kazakhstan were approved on June 4, 1992 by three separate laws. The main idea of the Day of State Symbols is the strengthening of Kazakhstan’s patriotism and unity of the nation, propaganda of the values and achievements of Kazakhstan.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050