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Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

Fruit agroparks to be created in SK


With the aim of economic development of the Zhambyl and South Kazakhstan regions by the consolidation of state and private sectors to attract investments in the development of small- and medium-sized business, in particular, the agriculture, the large-scale development of fruit gardens, the construction of stores for fruits, the processing plant and mixed plants is planned in these regions.

The tripartite memorandum on the cooperation to consolidate joint work was signed by the Agrarian credit corporation, the Governor’s office of the Zhambyl region and NC Social and enterprise corporation Taraz JSC, as well as by Agrarian credit corporation, the Governor’s Office of the South Kazakhstan region and NC Social and enterprise corporation Shymkent JSC.

The development of gardening has a high multiplier impact. This will enable to create other projects on the production of containers, packaging, assembling, drip irrigation and others.

As long as the local government’s task include the provision of lands, the construction of infrastructure and buildings, the Agrarian credit corporation JSC will provide concessionary financing according to the program of export-orientated products of AgroExport, as well as the attraction of clients.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050