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His Excellency Mr. Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Dear Ilham Heydarovich, Please accept my cordial congratulations on the occasion of the national holiday of the Republic of Azerbaijan – Independence Day. Your country has achieved an impressive success in economic and social fields. Azerbaijan enjoys a well-deserved prestige on a global scale, and plays an active role in solving many important issues on the international agenda. Russian-Azerbaijani relations have reached the level of allied interaction, and constructive bilateral cooperation is dynamically developing in various areas. I am confident that, with the combined efforts we will ensure further cultivation of the whole range of partnership ties for the benefit of our friendly peoples. I wholeheartedly wish You, dear Ilham Heydarovich, robust health and success, and your fellow citizens happiness and prosperity. Sincerely, Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

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