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From now on, a four-time UNT is held: in January, March, June, August instead of once, as it was before

by January 23, 2019 Fun

About 150 thousand graduates, 36 thousand of them applied for participation in the first “winter” UNT, 30 thousand of them, they are school graduates.

According to our data, we expect that next 80,000 graduates plan to take the next UNT in March, as this is a very good opportunity for them to prepare themselves, double-check and take advantage of the state’s benefits, said Ramazan Alimkulov, director of the National Testing Center of the Ministry of Education and Science.

He noted that first of all, this is the execution of the instructions of the head of state on the expansion of higher education. In this regard, a four-time UNT is conducted: in January, March, June, August instead of once, as it was before. The experts noted that our old UNT was a high-stakes exam. The graduate waits a whole year, during the UNT experience stress, respectively, there are a lot of functions performed there. Now you can take 4 times. If you have seen media reports, the students there are very satisfied. They say that for them this is a training UNT. Emotionally they are ready, said Ramazan Alimkulov to RK.

He noted and innovations for the student. You can select 4 different items 4 times. Previously, one specialty had the right to choose. Now, for example, in January your child wants to become a lawyer, in January he chose 2 specialized subjects for a lawyer, he passed the threshold level. He can conditionally be enrolled in the university. In March, someone advised him to be an economist, he may go in March and choose other specialized subjects. Naturally, the main UNT in the summer he can choose a completely third specialty, conditionally – go to the doctor. Further, it is for this certificate that he participates in the competition, but this question has already passed or not! But he can for a fee come to the doctor. In August, may also choose the fourth subject. Thus, in September, before entering a university, he will have 4 certificates and 4 directions for entering a university,

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan