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The International Organisation of La Francophonie, also known as the Francophonie, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. And, Kazakhstan is about to hold Francophonie Spring 2020, which will begin in the city of Shymkent, correspondent reports.

The Francophonie was established in 1970 with an aim to attract attention to the organisation’s cultural diversity. It includes 88 member states, and 5 participants on 5 continents.

The topic of economy is if importance in Kazakhstan too. Belgium is about to organise an economic mission for the second year in Kazakhstan, which will be in Nur Sultan on 20 April, and in Almaty on 21 22 April. The mission is centered on renewable energy sources, which is central to Kazakhstan. Belgium is ready to share its considerable experience in this area. A roundtable by the Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency (AWEX) is to be held on 20 April at the Astana International Financial Centre. On 10 11 March the Francophonie’s exhibition days are scheduled dubbed A trip around Belgium at the regional scientific library in Petropavlovsk. From 8 to 18 April the exhibition is to take place in Almaty, says Alexis de Crombrugghe de Picquendaele, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Belgium to Kazakhstan.

Nicolas Brusso, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Canada to Kazakhstan, has reminded that Canada is the second largest investor in Kazakhstan after France among the Francophonie members, with over 2 billion US dollars invested in the trade and economic sector.

A dictation among the ambassadors are to be held, in which I myself will take part. We will be presented with the translation of the words of Abai. We ambassadors will act as jury members, thus contributing to the holding of the Francophonie’s Days 2020, he says.

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Egypt to Kazakhstan Manal Yehia El Shinnawi has said that Egypt is the organisation’s member since 1970.

We take active part in the Francophonie events for we are assure of the values the organisation promotes. Francophonie clubs are set up to promote economic and trade activates among the member states. Other programmes are in place such as the Free Economic Club, the Suez Canal Economic Zone, which connect the west and the east, she says.

She went on to say that Egypt also takes part in many other programmes so as to enhance its cooperation with other members of the Francophonie and Kazakhstan.

We support our historic relations since our President’s visit to Kazakhstan in 2016. Intergovernmental commissions often summon, thus demonstrating the high level of our relations, she says.

This April is due to see the visit of a Kazakh delegation in the pharmaceutical sphere as the imports between the two countries keep rising.

In his speech, Philip Martine, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of France to Kazakhstan, has stressed that the member States of the Francophonie shares the same values, among which democracy, human rights, rights for education, protection of the planet.

France is the number one investor among the Francophonie countries, and in general the organisation’s states represent a big share of the total investments in Kazakhstan, he says.

Last year, as part of the Francophonie’s days 880 measures were held in Almaty, Nur Sultan, Ust Kamenogosk, Karaganda, Shymkent. And, this year the celebration of the Francophonie’s Days is about to begin in Shymkent. As well as other including a drawing competition, master classes and so on. A Francophonie award in journalism will be held for the first time.

Francophonie Spring 2020 is due to be held in Kazakhstan from 1 March to 30 April by the embassies of Belgium, Vietnam, Egypt, Canada, Lebanon, Morocco, France and Switzerland to Kazakhstan, as well as the French Alliances in Kazakhstan.

20 March marks the International Day of the Francophonie around the world, which coincides with the celebration of Nauryz. Starting in 2019, its celebration is held under the name of Francophonie Spring.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050