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Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Fourth industrial revolution: B. Sagintayev discusses implementation of the Address with activists and business community of Karaganda region

by April 25, 2018 General

Opening the meeting, B. Sagintayev noted that, on behalf of the Head of State, he is on a working trip in order to get acquainted with the development of the region within the framework of the implementation of the President’s Addresses and the Five Social Initiatives.

Karaganda is the largest industrial center of the country. In the GRP structure of the region, the share of industry accounts for 50%. It is necessary to consider many topical issues in the region, the implementation of the President’s Address “New Opportunities Under the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” to identify today’s and tomorrow’s development guidelines for the region. Together, we also have to discuss the issues of economic growth, business development and other topics.

The akim of the region, Y. Koshanov, reported on a new model of economic growth that is being formed, how new service sectors of the economy are developing, human resources are being managed, competitiveness issues are being addressed and what is the role of business.

To date, 26 new investment projects (each in excess of one billion tenge) are being implemented in the region with the creation of about 6000 jobs and 48 regional projects. The implementation of investment projects will allow in the coming years to attract 1.3 trillion tenge of investments to the economy of the region. According to the akim, the major part of new projects are processing enterprises with high labor productivity, which, as a rule, use advanced equipment with industrial Internet.

At the same time, ubiquitous digitization requires the adaptation of human resources, as well as effective measures to transfer the released. During the year in all sectors of the region’s economy it is planned to open about 10 thousand new jobs, 6 thousand of which are permanent. In addition, 104 thousand people will be trained in computer literacy, which will prepare the population for the introduction of digitalization in both the domestic and social spheres.

Reporting on the measures being taken in the region to develop the SME, Yerlan Koshanov noted that for the first time the volume of production approached the level of a trillion tenge. Growth for the year was 12%. At the same time, work is continuing to reduce administrative barriers to doing business. Over the past year, the number of inspections has been reduced by 20%, by the end of this year, according to the instructions of the Head of State, it is planned to reduce by another 30%.

Minister for Investments and Development, Zh. Kassymbek, spoke about the digitalization of industry and backbone enterprises. In order to stimulate enterprises to introduce digital technologies, measures have been created that are aimed at developing their own solutions and competencies in Industry 4.0 technologies, improving regulations, developing digital infrastructure, financial and other incentive measures.

According to the Ministry for Investments and Development, to date, the most prepared for the introduction of digital technologies is the mining sector. Up to 2025 strategic enterprises planned to implement 14 projects, each of which has detailed implementation plans.

For reference: In the Karaganda region, four digitalization projects are being implemented: two projects of Kazakhmys Corporation � “Implementation of an information system for positioning personnel and transport at the Zhomart mine” and “Digital production complex Nurkazgan”, which will increase the level of safety and efficiency of labor. The project of ArcelorMittal Temirtau for the implementation of the MES-system (automated system of management and optimization of production activities), which will reduce the cost and improve the quality of products, keep a full record of production (2022). Also, KazZink is building a highly automated concentrator for the processing of polymetallic ores of the Zhayrem field with a capacity of 5 million tons per year.

Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, M. Abylkassymova, informed about the creation of jobs, the implementation of the Program of productive employment of the population.

First Vice Minister of National Economy, R. Dalenov, told about the role and tasks of the region in the implementation of the Government’s social and economic policy, business development. More than 8% of the country’s GDP is produced in the Karaganda region. In terms of gross regional product, the region ranks fourth in Kazakhstan, it increased in dynamics over five years from 2.4 to 3.7 trillion tenge. According to 2017 results, the region ranks first in the country in terms of exports to the EAEU countries ($1.4 billion or 27.1% of the total volume of the country’s exports to the EAEU). The annual increase amounted to 90%.

Regarding the entrepreneurship, the key goals by 2025 are to achieve the 30% share of SMEs in GDP. Correspondingly, according to the Ministry of National Economy, the number of SMEs in the Karaganda region should increase by 1.8 times. For the promotion of SMEs in the region, the Program for the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship and the Business Roadmap 2020 are implemented. In addition, the implementation of the President’s Five Social Initiatives, in particular the expansion of microcredit and the reduction of the tax burden, will have a significant impact on the development of entrepreneurship.

Chairman of the Board of the Atameken NCE, A. Myrzakhmetov, also talked about the urgent issues of the development of mass entrepreneurship in the region.

Chairman of the Board of Tau-Ken Samruk JSC, M.Turmagambetov, General Director of KazZinc LLC, A. Khmelev, Deputy Director of Arcelor Mittal Temirtau, R. Ayer, Executive Director of Maker LLP, A. Narezhnev, spoke on the influence of digitalization of industry on labor productivity, as well as on their own experience and vision of the issues of technological revolution.

Summing up the discussion, B. Sagintayev noted that the Government is open for productive teamwork with business. The Government is interested in how large and medium businesses, backbone enterprises will work in the region to introduce elements of the Industry 4.0, how they will build their relations with the regional akimat. Digitalization, which is already everywhere, including in the enterprises of the Karaganda region, will inevitably entail the release of workers. They will need to be employed, retrained.

It is not necessary to go far in search of a solution to the problem. The Prime Minister cited the Karaganda Polytechnic College as an example, which he visited today as part of the working trip. There is a base for training young professionals. It is obvious that the cadres for the new economy can be prepared in the country.

In addition, a good niche for released workers should be the development of small and medium businesses. There it is necessary to direct resources, to open new jobs in this sphere. It is no coincidence that the Head of State therefore designated the Fourth Social Initiative to expand microcredit. This is a very important element of SME support, B. Sagintayev emphasized.

On the issues discussed, corresponding assignments were given to the ministers and akimat of the region.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan