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Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Four Children with Cerebral Palsy Have Risen to Their Feet in the Capital’s “Social Service Center”

by December 8, 2016 Health

Continuous rehabilitation at the Social Service Center of Astana and visits to the swimming pool and racetrack twice a week together with social workers give a good dynamics of treatment in children with cerebral palsy. This year, four children with this diagnosis have rinse to their feet and took the first steps.

“I’ve never believed in miracles, and no longer hoped that Timur will once be able to move on his own. Thanks to the conditions, which have been created for the rehabilitation of children in the center, and selfless hard work of exercise therapists and other professionals, the miracle has happened. My son managed to make his first steps in such a short time”, – confessed Timur’s mother Aidarkhanova Nazym.

Today a system of state in-patient and out-patient social service institutions that provide special social services in a hospital environment, as well as semi-hospital environment, has been established in the capital.

Reference: Special social services are provided by three medical and social institutions:

– Nurly Zhurek Social Service Center MSI;

– Kamkor Social Service Center MSI;

– Sharapat Social Service Center MSI;

– Social Service Center of the Mayor’s Office of Astana SME;

– “Crisis Shelter Center for Women Suffering from Domestic Violence or Threat of Violence” MSI;

– “Social Adaptation Center for Homeless Persons” MSI

3 524 persons are covered with services in these institutions.

Each child undergoes multi-team evaluation for proper provision of social services in the context of semi-hospital. After taking the joint decision, according to the capabilities and needs of the child, rehabilitation services are provided by the following specialists: speech therapist, psychologist, pathologist, music therapist, labor therapist, massage specialist, exercise therapist. Classes are carried out in specialized rooms. The exercise therapy room has been equipped with modern rehabilitation equipment.

In order to solve priority problems, day care unit for 90 children with disabilities was opened in Astana in October 2016 in the children’s neuropsychiatric medical and social institution. This has immediately allowed reducing the number of those in need of special social services to be provided, as well as develop alternative types of services.

Reference: In addition to the provision of special social services in inpatient and outpatient social care institutions, special social services are provided by non-governmental sector:

– 3 NGOs ( “Balam-Ay”, “Society of Disabled Children of Astana” NGO and “Korgau-Astana” PF) for the provision of special social services to persons with psychoneurological pathologies and to the victims of human trafficking:

under semi-hospital conditions:

– “Balam-Ay” Day Stay Center there are 126 people (91 children, including 50 children with diagnosed cerebral palsy); local budget is 56.7 million tenge, 44.7 million tenge has been disbursed;

under home care conditions:

– There are 93 children in “Society of Disabled Children of Astana PA, including 80 children with diagnosed cerebral palsy), LB is 23.3 mln. tenge, 18.6 million tenge has been disbursed;

under inpatient conditions:

– There are 41 persons in “Korgau-Astana” PF; LB is 10.9 million tenge, 6 million tenge has been disbursed.

Source: Akimat of Astana