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Forward look: 2

by February 28, 2020 Market

Environment Council, 5 March 2020

The Council will adopt conclusions on improving air quality and the submission of the EU climate long term strategy to the UN. Ministers will discuss the European Green Deal, recent findings of an evaluation of water legislation, and greening the European Semester.

Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (Health), 6 March 2020

Health ministers will hold a meeting in Brussels on the COVID 19 outbreak.

Foreign Affairs (Trade) Council, 12 March 2020

The Council will discuss preparations for the 12th WTO Ministerial Conference in Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan, as well as recent developments in trade relations with China and the United States.

Justice and Home Affairs Council, 13 March 2020

Justice and home affairs ministers will jointly exchange views on the strategic guidelines for justice and home affairs. In the afternoon, justice ministers will be briefed on the setting up of the EPPO and on ongoing international negotiations regarding e evidence.

Source: European Union