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Friday, September 17th, 2021

Forum “Eurasian Week” to be held at the site of EXPO in Astana

by March 3, 2017 Legal

The agenda included 24 items.

Cluster of sectors of the economy with the greatest potential for integration, to reduce barriers within the internal market, as well as to carry out “Anticontrafact” Annual International Forum. “Anticontrafact” Annual International Forum is one of the leading discussion platforms within the Eurasian Economic Union, where representatives of the EEU member states, international experts in this field, representatives of business communities and science discuss the problems of protection of EEU single market against trafficking in industrial production, as well as enforcement of intellectual property rights.

The list of areas of mutually beneficial cooperation cooperative has been identified; it will encourage the creation of co-operative projects in the manufacturing industries.

During the meeting, the EEC Council adopted a decision to hold Forum “Eurasian Week” in Astana in August this year at EXPO-2017. The Forum will be a dialogue platform for the governments of the EEU, businessmen and international experts to discuss topical issues of economic development of the countries of the Union.

Win-win solutions were achieved for all items on the agenda of the EEC meeting, aimed at further development of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan