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Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

Foreigners are interested in Dimash’s concert in Astana


In the summer, the song “Arnau” by Dimash Kudaybergen in Astana is already very popular with foreign fans. Chairman of the Board of “Kazakhstan” TV and Radio Corporation Yerlan Karin said at a press conference in the Central Communications Service.

“As you know, after becoming popular in the world by Dimash, the singer has many fans in the world. Another example of this is the fact that we are organizing today’s conference – so far, we have repeatedly asked questions. Citizens living abroad with the support of Demash in the country “When will the concert be? We would like to plan ahead. We have to ask thousands of questions that we have to take and take tickets, and we decided to inform Demash about the concert again, “said Karin.

He also noted that at the concert he will use different approaches and new technologies used in show-concerts in the world.

“Usually, if we plan big events, we are announcing and organizing time. But this time we are trying to get special long-term training. The discussion itself took about a month or two. Therefore, we want to come to this concert with great preparation. We are currently working with several creative teams and accepting various suggestions. This is because the concert in Astana will be dedicated primarily to the people of Dimash, “he said. Karin.

It should be noted that “Kazakhstan” TV company will support and support the organizing and shooting of this concert.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan