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Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan awarded best foreign journalists


Annually, the authors, who write most interesting in various aspects of the development of modern Kazakhstan, participate in the contest.

85 entries from more than 20 countries have competed in this year’s contest, with five regional prizes awarded to journalists.

According to competition rules, the five overall winners will be awarded a trip to Kazakhstan in August this year. Journalists will visit the cities of Astana and Almaty, as well as the Burabai resort. The winners will visit cultural and historical sites and will have an opportunity to interview senior government officials, local experts, journalists and representatives from the cultural, sporting and tourism sectors.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan will continue promoting the works of foreign journalists to coverage events in our country. Hospitability of the Kazakhstan society, sociability of consciousness, representation to the world culture – this is the essence of President’s Nursultan Nazarbayev “Rukhani Zhangyru” programme”, Foreign Minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov said, addressing the participants of the ceremony.

The editorial staff of the Uzbekistan National News Agency (UzA), who actively reported on Kazakh-Uzbek relations during 2017-18, were announced as the winners from the CIS and Baltic region. UzA is one of Uzbekistan’s leading news agencies. Its readership includes not only those from other newspapers and magazines, television and radio, but also the staff of embassies, ministries and companies in Uzbekistan and abroad.

UzA submitted eight pieces to the contest. The jury remarked positively on the article Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan: in celebration of the 25th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations”, UzA’s article on the Velomarathon of friendship, and a piece which focused on the Days of the Almaty region in Uzbekistan.

“The interest of the world community to Central Asia has increased in recent years. President Nursultan Nazarbayev and Heads of all States of the region do a great job of strengthening the comprehensive interaction in the region. It is no coincidence that this year a significant number of publications has been devoted to rapprochement and cooperation of Central Asian states. Last year Kazakhstan’s trade turnover with all Central Asian countries increased by 18.4%, of which with Uzbekistan by 32%”, the Kazakh Minister of Foreign Affairs noted in his speech.

The best article among journalists from the Americas is the article by journalists from the US Stephan Rabinov and Alexander Lipovtsev Seven Wonders of Kazakhstan: Why Fashion Tourism Is Booming in Central Asia” published in Forbes.

Journalist Gilly Pickup of Great Britain was announced as the European winner. Her article One Steppe Beyond” was published in Country and Townhouse” and describes her journey to Kazakhstan.

From Asia, Australia and Oceania, the jury chose Inderveer Singh of India for his article Astana: the capital has its own charms and pleasures” published in Business Central Asia magazine. The article describes the architecture of Astana, a brief history of some the city’s landmarks, and provides details about the city’s dynamic growth.

The winner from the Middle East and African region was Ayman Abdelhafez al-Zaban from Jordan. Mr. Al-Zaban was awarded the prize for his series of articles on Kazakhstan’s economic development, foreign policy and the 20th anniversary of Astana.

Al-Zaban’s works were published in the Al-Urdun al-Arabi, (Arabian Jordan”) and Ed Dustur (The Constitution”) magazines and covers Kazakhstan’s initiatives during its non-permanent membership and presidency of the United Nations Security Council. Al-Zaban’s articles also provide perspectives of the five social initiatives announced by President Nazarbayev. His other works covered the outcomes of the economic reforms which allowed Kazakhstan to transform itself into a regional financial hub.

The experience and feedback of travelers and journalists who have submitted applications,highlights the growing interest of visitors to Kazakhstan. People-to-people diplomacy” is developing partly thanks to the high-quality and reliable articles which are published about Kazakhstan and the lives of local people.

This year, for the first time, video programs also participated in the competition, among them were the popular television show The Mole” (The Netherlands). One of the episodes was shot in Almaty and broadcast in early 2018 during prime time on the First National Channel of Holland (NPO1).

By the way, the jury included Kazakh Foreign Minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov, Deputy Foreign Minister Roman Vassilenko and President of the Chief Editors Club Yerlan Bekkhozhin.

In addition, a number of journalists and media were awarded diplomas, which will be presented at the embassies of Kazakhstan.

Organized in cooperation with Kazakhstan’s Chief Editors Club, this year’s Kazakhstan through the Eyes of the Foreign Media” competition � the fifth of its kind � is made possible thanks to the generous support ofthe Kazakhstan TemirZholy” JSC National Railways Company, Rixos President Astana, Rixos Borovoe, & Rixos Almaty–the luxury hotel chain, and Argymak Transportation Company.

The Foreign Ministry is also pleased to collaborate with WizzAir, Central and Eastern Europe’s largest low-cost airline which launched a new Budapest-Astana route in 2017, and Turkish Airlines, the largest carrier in the world by number of destinations.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050