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Friday, January 28th, 2022

Foreign direct investment inflow to Kyrgyzstan grows by 26.4%

by December 7, 2021 Market

In January-September 2021, the inflow of foreign direct investment increased by 26.4% and amounted to over $ 503 million compared to the same period in 2020.

The National Statistics Committee of Kyrgyzstan reported that the structure of foreign direct investment compared to the first 9 months of last year saw an increase of all components, except for contributions to equity, the volume of which decreased by 2.6 times.

The main volume of foreign direct investment (about 96%) is directed to enterprises of exploration, manufacturing, mining, financial intermediation and insurance, wholesale and retail trade, as well as information and communication.

The volumes of incoming foreign direct investments from non-CIS countries increased by 12.0% in comparison with January-September 2020, mainly, due to their growth from Luxemburg 11.6 times, Germany 11.4 times, Turkey 2.9 times, the UK 2.3 times, Cyprus 2 times, China 22.3%, and the Netherlands 4.9%.

China (27.6%), Turkey (16.0%), Great Britain (10.5%), the Netherlands (9.9%) and Germany (5.1%) accounted for the largest share in the total volume of foreign direct investment.

The volume of foreign direct investment from CIS countries in comparison with January-September 2020 increased by 2.4 times.

In the total volume of foreign direct investment the largest share was accounted for enterprises of Jalal-Abad Oblast – about 37%, Bishkek city – more than 33%, Chui Oblast – 17%, and Talas Oblast – about 9%.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency