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Diletometer Marcetti has come to Kazakhstan to introduce the newest instrument for the most accurate detection of soil characteristics with the inventors of the Italian instrument DMT and SDMT.

Kazakh Institute of Physics and Mathematics is the only company that has purchased 3 flat DMC and SDMT. The appliance is designed to test the soil in accordance with international standards such as Eurocodes and ISO.

The instrument was acquired within the framework of the largescale modernization of the Central Laboratory of Kazakh National Research and Research Institute and purchased more than 40 new equipment, which allows testing and testing of construction materials and constructions in accordance with international standards.

On March 2, within the official visit of Italian specialists, a scientific and technical seminar on the use of the Dilatometer in Geotechnical and Seismic was held.

Earlier, Italian specialists conducted a comprehensive training for the experts of the Kazakh National Research Institute of Diagnosis.

The training consisted of theoretical and practical parts. The engineer spoke about Diabo Marcetti, a software developer for the Dilatometer.

“Since 1998, Dilatometer has adapted the soil characteristics in accordance with American standards, and since 2000, according to Eurocodes and ISO. The device’s efficiency and reliability have been approved in more than 70 countries around the world.

The use of the dilatometer will enable Kazakhstan and KAZNIIS to conduct research on the soil in accordance with international standards, “says Diego Marcetti’s engineer and StudioProf. Owner of Marchettisrl.

The dyalometer allows for high precision estimation of soil characteristics, estimation of resistance to CRR liquefaction, determination of surfaces in clay slopes. Flat DILometer is used for daily field research, and its principle of action is based on soil research technology.

Within the framework of training on the work with the dythometer, the field tests of the Dilatometer were conducted as well.

Experts and specialists of KazNIIS and Diego Marquette went to the Almaty region to carry out the experimental work of the instrument.

“Using the dilatometer, we have taken the deformation and strength parameters of the soil at the depth required for us. These parameters comply with the requirements of Eurocodes, allowing accurate and precise estimation of bearing capacity and deformation of the base. With the help of the dyakometer, we can monitor any ground, construction, construction, and after construction. Unfortunately, until now, there are no tools that meet the requirements set out in the Eurocodes in Kazakhstan. By 2020, Kazakhstan builders will be fully involved in the Eurocodes, and this is a great event in the development of site acquisition tests, “said Vitaly Khomyakov, Senior Research Fellow of the Fundamentals, Foundations and Seismic Subdivision Sector of KazNIISA.

Source: Ministry of investments and Developments