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For 24 years of Bolashak program more than 9K specialists have been trained

by April 3, 2017 Key Issues

Chairman of the Supreme Court K. Mami, the manager of AIFC K. Kelimbetov also took part in the meeting.

As part of the internship, the fellows will study the principles of the work of the British judges, issues of law, judicial lawmaking and judicial precedents, international arbitration law. It is also planned to take practice at courts, leading legal and law firms of the UK.

In a welcoming speech, State Secretary G. Abdykalikova stressed that the Head of State in his Address “Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness” identified 5 main priorities aimed at becoming one of the 30 most advanced countries in the world.

One of the main tasks is to improve the quality of human capital and education as the main component of the new model of economic growth. Ensuring sustainable development of the country and increasing its global competitiveness requires investing in high-quality education of human capital.

The State Secretary noted that for 24 years of the “Bolashak” program 12 271 scholarships have been awarded. 9 427 specialists are trained. 98% of graduates are employed. Today over 1 300 fellows are on training.

In order to ensure the rule of law, in particular, the establishment of “Astana” International Financial Center, identified in the Plan of the Nation, separate target groups of judges, lawyers and financiers are identified.

In conclusion, the State Secretary expressed her confidence that the passage of the specialized internship program will allow to increase the professionalism of the fellows for the successful implementation of 5 Institutional Reforms defined by the Head of State.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050