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Saturday, September 18th, 2021

Five megatrends voiced by N. Nazarbayev widely discussed at all AEF-2018 venues

by May 19, 2018 Market

The main question for us is how these five megatrends will develop in Kazakhstan, Director of the Center for Applied Research “Talap” Rahim Oshakbayev noted.

“Let’s take, for example, one megatrend, the global labor market, which implies that the labor force is very mobile. Today we see how in very different countries, between corporations and large companies, there is a very fierce competition for talents, for skilled labor.

And we see, for example, the phenomenon of Silicon Valley, which pulls the best programmers, the most creative people of the IT industry from around the world. And even the most developed countries however, they have to compete with Silicon Valley,” said R. Oshakbayev.

Accordingly, Kazakhstan is also facing the challenge of brain drain. Our best trained staff can receive better offers from other countries.

“Therefore, a natural question arises, how we can interest them, what can interest them, so that they stay here, make a career, contribute to the development of Kazakhstan. How to grow talents, how to keep them, how to attract them? These are topical issues, which the President draws attention to,” the expert added.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan