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Firuza Sharipova fights for the title of world champion

by November 13, 2018 Market

Firuza Sharipova will fight against Eva Wallstrom on December 22 in St. Petersburg in the Sibur Arena, the ortcom correspondent reports . kz .

Firuza Sharipova is the world champion in two weight categories. Moreover, if Beibut Shumenov was a champion at different times, then Firuza is the current world champion in double weights. There was no such thing in Kazkhatsan, said sportswoman promoter Sergey Zabileysky at the Central Communications Service at a press conference on the upcoming fight of IBO Championship belt winner Firuza Sharipova with WBC world champion Eva Valstrom from Finland.

Recall, on September 8, Firuz Sharipova defended one of her titles in a battle against Yulia Kutsenko.

In the future, the athletes will fight for two belts in the second featherweight – according to the WBC, which is currently owned by Wallstrom, and the IBO owned by Sharipova.

One of the stages of preparation for the battle on December 22 has passed. I feel myself good. Combat mood. There was a week of rest between the stages of preparation.

Both in amateurs and in professional boxing, we set ourselves goals, plans … We have long been studying this sperm. All the work was done not only by previous rivals, but Eve was also studied, preparing for this fight. I know her side. I think she was also watching my fights. Now we are working out the tricks with coaches, due to which I can win from her. Eva Wahlstrom is a very experienced rival and this will probably be one of the toughest fights in my professional career. I think that all the preparatory and accomplished work will bear fruit, said Firuza Sharipova.

Very many producers are interested in Firuzoy, both in Russia and Kazakhstan, and in Hollywood. The sportswoman offers roles, but they take a lot of time. For example, last year Firuza participated in the casting for the main role in the film Tomiris. But here the choice is to be removed for six months, or to box … At the given moment Feruza has sport in the first place, namely boxing. Therefore, six months to give the movie now Firuza is not ready – this is her choice. If they offered some interesting role as episodic, where you don’t have to spend half a year, at least not a few days, then Firuz would gladly accept this offer, said Sergey Zabileisky.

It is worth noting that the Khabar TV channel will show Sharipova’s fight against Wahlstrom on December 22 live at 23.00.

Source: Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan