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Saturday, August 13th, 2022

First five countries accepted EXPO pavilions

by October 31, 2016 Legal

Hungarian pavilion’s area is 411.9 square meters. The theme is “Energy of the future unites us”. It is based on the geographical, economical features and available energy sources of the country. The pavilion will showcase the latest electrical installations and urban planning, emphasizing the character of Hungary – water, sun and wind. Also, the national day of Hungary has been approved – August 20, 2017. Commissioner is Nandor Descartes.

The area of the German Pavilion is 1249.5 square meters and is called “Towards the energy”. Theme tells the country’s history within the sustainable energy use, and demonstrates innovation and technological advances in this field. German National Day is July 12, 2017. Commissioner – Dietmar Schmitz.

France’s pavillion area is 1069.1 square meters. It is themed “Energy turnaround for green growth”. The developments in the field of “green energy” will be exhibited in the three sub-themes: “City of the Future”, “Renewable Energy” and “Ecological modes of transport”. National Day of France is June 21, 2017. Commissioner – Pascal Loro.

China took the pavilion with the area of 1000 square meters. The theme differs from others. Its theme is “Green Silk Road”. The pavillion will have the Theatre of Dreams of the future of energy, which will show a new energy cooperation of China with the countries along the Silk Road, as well as the countries of the world. China’s National Day is July 5. Commissioner – Van Tszinchzhen.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050