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First aid should be maximized to people K.Tokayev


The Head of State, KassymZhomart Tokayev, has visited Green Capital Kazakhstan greenhouse complex during his working trip to Aktobe region, Akorda’s press service reports.

During his working visit to Aktobe oblast, the President of Kazakhstan visited the green complex “Green Capital Kazakhstan” LLP, which produces 3 thousand tons of vegetables a year.

KassymJomart Tokayev saw production of the enterprise and noted the importance of launching new jobs and launching such investment projects to improve the welfare of the population.

The President of Kazakhstan, KassymJomart Tokayev, got acquainted with the work of Aktobe Industrial Zone

The head of state was informed about the construction of the plant “ZerdeCeramika Aktobe”, which produces ceramic tiles and ceramic tiles. The total cost of this investment project is 9.2 billion tenge. The President was informed about the implementation of the State Program of Forced IndustrialInnovative Development, the modernization of industry, the development of small and mediumsized businesses. Also, KassymJomart Tokayev was informed about the work of the largest production facilities of the region, including the joint venture “CNPCAktobemunaigas” and LLP “ARM WIND”, which is engaged in the construction of a wind farm.

KassymZhomart Tokayev in his speech addressed to the company’s managers said that it is necessary to increase annual wages of workers and increase Kazakhstan’s share in purchased goods and services. The Head of State emphasized the importance of creating a belt around large enterprises for small and mediumsized businesses.

In conclusion, the President of Kazakhstan instructed the oblast leadership to take a comprehensive approach to attracting investments to the region.

The President of Kazakhstan, KassymJomart Tokayev, visited the ferroalloy plant of the jointstock company “TNC” Kazchrome “in Aktobe

The President was shown technological process and production indicators of the plant, one of the leaders of Kazakhstan’s metallurgy.

The project “People’s Control” was presented to the President of Kazakhstan. As part of the initiative, people with disabilities are involved in ensuring the safety of your workplace and the protection of your workplace.

The Head of State noted social significance of the project and praised the results of its implementation and instructed to use this experience more widely.

“We support this initiative, because this is a very useful and necessary work because of the high risk of injuries in production,” KassymZhomart Tokayev said.

The President of Kazakhstan, KassymJomart Tokayev, participated in the forum of medical workers.

In addition, the President of Kazakhstan, KassymZhomart Tokayev, took part in the forum of medical workers.

During the working visit the Head of State visited the Aktyubinsk medical center. The President of Kazakhstan was briefed on the experience of creating a cluster approach to healthcare in the region in Aktobe region.

KassymZhomart Tokayev in his speech at the international scientificpractical conference “Public health: politics, science, education, primary health care”, said that the health of the nation is the main asset of our state.

“The Aktobe Medical Center, established under the President’s instruction, makes a significant contribution to the development of domestic healthcare. At present NurSultan can not go abroad without visiting Almaty and receiving quality treatment in neurosurgery, pediatric cardiology, transplantation. All areas should strive for such a level. We have enough potential, “the President of Kazakhstan said.

The Head of State noted that the country’s demographic situation is improving and that during the years of independence, the population of Kazakhstan increased by 2 million people, and the life expectancy of citizens increased to 6 years. “Infrastructure has significantly improved. 219 new hospitals, about 1,200 new modern polyclinics and outpatient facilities were built. We have introduced the Unified National Health System. Today, republican clinics do complex operations, which have been performed only abroad, “KassymZhomart Tokayev said.

The President of Kazakhstan outlined the measures to further modernize the health infrastructure, improve the quality of medical services and medicines, and ensure their accessibility, development of domestic medical science as well as digitalization of the healthcare system.

“First aid should be as close as possible to people. Good health care should be accessible to all, regardless of the place of residence of citizens. In addition, it is necessary to increase the funds allocated for public health services and primary health care, up to 60% of the total amount of funds allocated for this sphere. As a result, until 2025, the funds allocated for preventive measures will reach the level of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, “the President said.

KassymZhomart Tokayev said that 120 billion tenge will be allocated for construction of 10 medical facilities in seven regions in 20192021. In the next three to five years it is planned to fully solve the problems of supply of domestic medicine, including the countryside hospitals with material and technical equipment and transport.

“Obligations and accessibility of medical services can not be achieved without raising the status and prestige of doctors. From June 1 this year salaries of employees of budgetary sphere, including doctors, will increase by 30% on separate categories. It is necessary to strengthen the demand for medical HEIs and colleges on the quality of training. It is important not only for the theoretical base, but also for practical skills. Therefore, part of the regional hospitals should be transferred to medical universities. Large cities such as NurSultan, Almaty and Shymkent should become hitech medical centers, “the President of Kazakhstan said.

In conclusion, the Head of State wished success to the conference participants and fruitful discussions.

Also, the President of Kazakhstan, KassymZhomart Tokayev, visited the Palace of the Victory.

The head of state visited halls for gymnastics and other exercises. This complex has the opportunity to hold international competitions in boxing, wrestling, judo and other types of martial arts.

KassymZhomart Tokayev watched the team competitions among the youth teams in the Kazakh wrestling.

The President of Kazakhstan talked with famous athletes and thanked them for their achievements. The state has always been providing comprehensive support for sports.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050