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Festive tv program


Teleradiocorporation “Kazakhstan” presented holiday projects on Nauryz.

On Qazaqstan TV channel on holidays, the premiere of the documentary trilogy Equus: The Story of a Horse, which tells about the role of horses in human history and the origin of horse culture in the steppes of Central Asia. The documentaries K?nnen Tu?an Bala …, Amal Aisy?tary will also be shown.

On March 22, in the international teleconference, they presented Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan will share stories and reports on the celebration of Nauryz in their country, talk about the customs and traditions of their people. Kazakhstan pop stars will perform in the musical project Nauryz-Duman.

The Qazsport TV channel will delight its viewers with a lineup of documentaries, programs with the participation of the best Kazakhstani athletes and sports events on the air.

On March 21, the program Visiting Qazsport with the participation of the winner of the recent Winter Universiade Zhanbota Aldabergenova will be on the air.

Documentary films are devoted to Kazakhstani sportsmen: Daraboz – about the Kazakhstani boxer, 2005 world champion Erdos-zyakabergenov, Kazaktyk No. 1 ?a?pashysy – about the famous goalkeeper of Kairat of the last years Kuralbek Ordabayev, Bolmysy, I’ve fought my way at the last years, Kouralbek Ordabaev, Bolmysy, I’ve fought my way at the last year’s Kuralba Ordabayev, Boldys-by-the-man’s, I’ve fired my way at the last years, Kouralbek Ordabaev, Bolmysy, I’ve been in charge of the last year’s Kuralta Ordabayev’s goalkeeper, Bromysy, I’ve fought my way, I’ve made the most of the last years I’ve fought my way. Asia Myrzagali Aitzhanov, “60 Years of Victory” – about the boxer, the silver medalist of the Moscow Olympics, Viktor Demyanenko. The film Absinthe is an Olympic champion from the Kazakh steppes! Tells about the Akhalteke horse stallion from the Dzhambul region, who glorified Kazakhstan to the whole world.

Viewers will see the Story of a Little Mermaid, which recently won first prize at the International Sports Film Festival.

The most important news of the first holiday day is the LIVE-broadcast from the Astana Arena – the match between the national teams of Kazakhstan and Scotland. After football in the late evening broadcast on March 21, a special show for boxing fans is a re-show of pro boxing – the fight of Meiirim Nursultanov against Dominican Jonathan Batista. The football match of the qualifying tournament EURO-2020 will be broadcast live.

Also, the TV channel will repeat the match between Gennady Golovkin and Saul Alvarez for the world title, the evening of professional boxing QAZAQ PROMOTION, the most sensational UEFA Champions League last time Real-Ajax and PSG-Manchester United, a tournament of smeshim Martial Arts “M-1 Challenge 100”, fights of boxers Zhanibek Alimkhanuly and Sadriddin Akhmedov.

The children’s TV channel Balapan in the omnipotent television season launched 22 projects – 6 of its own production, 10 – the best foreign animation and documentaries, as well as 3 television series and 3 projects for You Tube. Projects of the channel prepared holiday specials. The 6-year-old Bekmansur Timuruly, who was nicknamed the best boy, will be the guest of the Tazhary program, he will play asyki and show his skills. In the program Bala Time, the famous singer Maira Ilyasova will hold the ceremony T?sau Kesu, in the program Balamen Sikhbat the famous ethnographer Zhambyl Artykbaev will tell about forgotten national games and share interesting facts.

Children will see Disney animated films in the Kazakh language “Magic World” and “Beauty and the Beast.” March 22, 2019 on all regional TV channels at the same time starts the spring television season – a total of 61 projects will be aired.

On March 22, the TV channels ALTAI, ONTASSTIK, AQTA�BE, MASTYSTA will establish a live connection with the TV channel QAZAQSTAN, where journalists will talk about conducting Nauryz in the regions.

SARYARQA and QOSTANAI TV channels will show short films Nauryzym and Auylga bars. ATYRAA� TV channel will hold a Nur Zhaugan Nauryz teleconference with Russia and Azerbaijan.

Also during the briefing, Esen Eleuken, director of the TV channel Tamasha tv, shared the festive news. Humorous TV channel “Tamasha tv”, which began its broadcasting on September 1, 2018, presents 14 new television projects.

The largest project “Tamasha Club” – short productions in the genre of sketch shows. In the program Bir Banibet, famous personalities will tell interesting and tricky cases from their lives. The host of the program Izil-Dastan – a popular satirist Kopen Amirbek, will share his memories of famous personalities of our country who have made a great contribution to the genre of Kazakh satire and humor. The cognitive project “Tauip k?r” invites everyone to guess interesting tasks.

All projects of the TV channel Tamasha tv are available in the Qazaqstan tv mobile application.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan