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Families Sleep Through Landslide In Limbang Sarawak

by October 5, 2019 Market

Five families in a big house at Kampung Bukit Kota here were shocked to see part of their house compound in a sea of mud when they were rudely roused from sleep early yesterday morning.

According to their spokesman Dullah Tarip 60 the incident happened about 3.30 am when all of them were fast asleep.

We only realised the incident when we were awakened by my in law next door knocking at our door and I immediately went out to check and saw a car parked in the compound partially buried in mud.

I immediately directed our family members to collect important documents and other major movable items as a precaution for possible damage caused by another landslide he told the media yesterday.

Dullah said he never expected the landslide to recur after 10 years which forced several residents to relocate to safer grounds. The tragedy 10 years ago still haunted the villagers

Meanwhile head of Fire and Rescue Dept here Edmund Mahai Amboh said firemen rushed to the scene after receiving a distress call at 5.10 am.

On arrival we found that the landslide had partially buried a vehicle parked outside the house.

We together with the villagers used hoes to remove the earth that was tyre deep and moved the car to safer ground he said adding the operation ended about 6.00 am.

Edmund added that heavy rain since Thursday had probably caused the landslide