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Exportoriented slaughterhouse opened in Kyrgyzstan’s Uzgen region


Entrepreneur Zayna Bazarbaeva opened a modern slaughterhouse in Uzgen region of Osh Oblast that meets the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) standards.

She said that her slaughter’s project was taken from the best Russian counterparts. Before starting the construction, we carefully studied similar slaughterhouse on the territory of Russia and chose a sample from Volgograd. The construction money was taken from the KyrgyzRussian Development Fund, she said.

Describing the characteristics of the slaughterhouse and its capacity, the entrepreneur said that 2025 small and large cattle are slaughtered per day.

The main task is to procure meat products in accordance with the EAEU technical requirements. For this, our slaughterhouse has all the necessary equipment, she said.

In conclusion, the interlocutor noted that they would soon begin to sell meat abroad.

Currently negotiations are underway to supply meat to Russia. It is also important that the slaughterhouse serves the needs of the entire region, she concluded.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency