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EXPO-2017: Ukraine presented up to 100 projects in alternative energy sphere

by August 16, 2017 Key Issues

Ukraine has presented more than 100 developments and projects in the sphere of alternative energy at the EXPO-2017. Among them ate the projects of wind and solar energy, projects of energy production from biomass, projects of macro and micro HPS.

The projects could be found in the interactive information and search system. The great business-interest to the Ukrainian development and projects, particularly in the sphere of wind energy, paid by the Kazakhstan and the World community, encourages further development of successful cooperation.

Perspectives for further trade turnover between Kazakhstan and Ukraine are certain for future. Firstly, it is connected with restoration of trade turnover, and secondly, with appearance of new niches for cooperation in the sphere of alternative energy. Participation if Ukraine at the EXPO-2017 is a catalyst for strengthening of activity of business. I am sure, that in the next year, we will submit it with growing numbers of turnover. The first step is done. The Ministry of energy of Kazakhstan has already chosen the four Ukrainian developments for further use in the country. These are the projects as wind generators, with the total capacity of 2 and 2,5 Megawatts belonging to the company Fuhrlaender Windtechnology, an automated modular home belonging to the company Passive Dom, photoelectric curtains Solar Gepsand a collector based on the concentrator of solar energy Sineko, Acting Commissioner of the Ukrainian Pavilion at the EXPO-2017 said.

For now, Ukraine is a leader among the countries of the Post-Soviet space in development of wind energy. The total capacity of the establishments of wind energy of Ukraine according to 2016 comprised 437,7 Megawatts. It was possible mostly by the high, higher than the World standards, green traffic accepted in Ukraine, which at the moment exceed 10 eurocents for a produced kilowatt-hour of energy. Besides, there is the bonus system of stimulating the production of equipment for RE within Ukraine. Thus, if the proportion of Ukraine in equipment exceeds 30%, a customer will get a premium by 5% to the green traffic, and if the proportion exceeds 50%, a premium will be 10%.

For instance, the level of localization of equipment of the Ukrainian company Fuhrlaender Windtechnology exceeds 50% and it means that its customers will get the green traffic accounting to 11.3 eurocents for a produced kilowatt-hour of energy.

The Ukrainian plant Fuhrlaender Windtechnology is for today is the only plant at the Post-soviet space, which produces windmills of the multi-megawatt class.

The centerpiece of the company is the implemented project of the first modern windpark in Kazakhstan, which was built in 2015 by the order of the Kazakhstan State Multi-profile energy holding JSC Samruk-Energo. The company Fuhrlaender Windtechnology during projecting windpark was using the unique equipment in the project, which was capable to operate in conditions of various temperatures from -400 to +400 C, which is typical for North Kazakhshtan. The total installed capacity of WES in Ermentau comprised 45,1 Megawatts. 22 windmills were produced for the project, with a capacity of 2,05 Megawatts each.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050