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Thursday, January 21st, 2021

Experts view: Address 2017 – new stage in modernization of Kazakhstan’s economy

by January 30, 2017 General

According to chief researcher of Kazakhstan Institute of Strategic Studies KISS Vyacheslav Dodonov, the Address of 2017 is particularly significant, because it gives the start of a new stage of modernization of the economy and society as a whole.

“The bottom line in the economic part is that the transition to a new model of the economic growth based not only on the basic industries exporting raw materials, but also on the new high-tech, advanced industries, plus on the areas of other orders of the economy and other areas is proposed. In case of the successful implementation of this model this will allow Kazakhstan to move away from depending on the situation in the world commodity markets and to develop more advanced technologies, which in the future will determine the competitiveness on a global level and to intensify the pace of the growth due to the fact that the new branch will grow more rapidly than the old one”, Dodonov said.

According to expert of Institute for System Studies “Parasat” Manshuk Karimova, the third stage of modernization is the logical continuation of the social and economic and political reforms, which will contribute to the sustainable development of the economy.

“The third phase of modernization is the logical continuation of the social and economic and political reforms, which will contribute to the sustainable development of the economy. Such industries as agriculture, transport and logistics complex, as well as construction will be the main drivers of the growth in the new phase of modernization. They will create an additional multiplier effect on the economy and employment. In general, the statement of the Head of State is extremely important in order to reach the main strategic objective of the state – the joining the 30 most developed countries of the world”, M. Karimova told.

Chief expert of Institute for System Studies “Parasat” Alua Zholdybalina noted that taking into account a necessity to adapt the economy to the existing conditions and challenges some changes in the economic policy are necessary.

“That is the third phase of modernization, which was voiced by the Head of State, is one of the strategic steps of Kazakhstan’s becoming in the global economy as an independent economic and financially stable state and, as we understand, the next stage of modernization will bring its changes in the economic policy, depending, of course, on the global changes”, A.Zholdybalina said.

According to Acting head of the Department of Economic Research of KISS Nailya Almukhamedova, the special statement of the Head of State is important and relevant because in the current difficult situation in the global economy and in the country this statement is a response to the global challenges.

“The presidential statement has defined the new engines of the economic growth, which would imply the use of new opportunities and forming new competitive advantages of Kazakhstan. Performing the tasks which were announced by the Head of State will lead to the realization of a new modernization process in Kazakhstan, namely the third stage of modernization will involve the enhancing of the role of the competitiveness of the national economy through such industries as the development of agro-industrial complex, transport and logistics system, increasing the role of human capital and support for small medium-sized businesses. Also, the stability of the economy will accompany and facilitate the synchronous modernization in the political sphere, namely the redistribution of functions of different branches of the government”, N.Almukhamedova shared.

Source: Kazkhstan 2050