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Expert Council selects best works of the contest for national brand of Kazakhstan

by December 22, 2016 Legal

Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Imangali Tasmagambetov chaired today a meeting of the Expert Council of the competition for the national brand of Kazakhstan.

In todays world, the country branding largely determines the level of investment and tourist attractiveness, seriously affects the popularity of commodities produced, the authority in the international arena and even a place in the global division of labor.

Visual graph has received wide use in recent years. Marketing professionals have long built their campaigns basing on the fact that 80% of the information a person receives by sight. That is why priority is given today to material with photos, video, infographics for rapid data assimilation, Imangali Tasmagambetov noted.

The republican contest for the best national brand started on August 31 to increase the image attractiveness and recognition of Kazakhstan in the international arena, to promote the unique Kazakhstans tourist sites, attract foreign investment. To enter the competition, participants had to provide the logo � emblem or symbol that will be used in the future to increase awareness of Kazakhstan on the world stage, as well as the slogan � motto.

Over the past period, the organizing committee received over 1,000 applications. The first stage of the contest is over, where internet users chose the works they liked. At the second stage the contestants presented the works chosen by internet voting to the expert council.

Thus, 40 works with the highest number of votes were introduced for councils consideration, which selected 10 of them. According to regulations of the competition, the national brand � official logo and slogan of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be presented to the public.

The expert council includes prominent public and political figures, representatives of state bodies, culture and art.

The final sketch works will be considered and detailed at the next meeting of the council to be held next month.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan