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Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science speaks of gradations in the salaries of former graduates

by June 2, 2017 Fun

Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science Aryn Orsariev spoke about the statistics of gradations of average salaries of school, college and university graduates within the framework of the traditional international conference “Education Throughout Life: Continuing Education for Sustainable Development”, held today at Nazarbayev University.

The market on average estimates a high school graduate’s salary at 30-35 thousand tenge. The average salary of a university graduate is 80-85 thousand tenge. I named the figures of the first years after the graduating. And if you consider that the average salary in Kazakhstan is 140 thousand tenge, the remaining value added is what was given through life experience, � he noted.

According to Orsariev, investments in education in the modern world are considered as investments in the development of human capital. The Executive Secretary also stressed that the continuity of education in Kazakhstan lasts on average up to 18-19 years.

This is true, due to the 100% coverage by secondary education. Beginning this year we are introducing a concept of free vocational education. In Kazakhstan there are 9410 kindergartens, which cover 807 000 children under 6 years old, 7450 schools that cover 2.9 million of our citizens, 817 colleges cover 489 thousand people, and 130 universities cover 512 677 people. It means that 17 000 educational institutions educate about 4.5 million citizens annually, � Orsariev concluded.

It should be noted that the conference Education Throughout Life: Continuing Education for Sustainable Development” became the 15th anniversary. Its main goal is to discuss topical issues of continuing education in the interests of sustainable development and creating a dialogue platform for the international forum in this field.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan